OptoGaN launching a LED spotlight Optolyuks-Sky-200

December 15 started selling the new LED spotlight "Optolyuks-Sky-200", intended to illuminate the hangars, warehouses and industrial premises, as well as outdoor lighting.

Spotlight "Optolyuks-Sky-200" company "OptoGaN"Is a type of lamp mid bay. Model has a high light output — with luminous flux of 16400 to 17250 lumens (depending on the color temperature 3000 — 6500 K), the power consumption is 230 watts.

In the near future is expected to launch two more models in the series "Optolyuks-Sky" — "Optolyuks-Sky-100" (lamp type mid bay) and "Optolyuks-Sky-300" (type of lamp high bay). Each of the LED spotlight series, given its individual light output, the recommended distance from the illuminated object and size, will find its use in creating lighting design of industrial facilities.

Service life "Optolyuks-Sky" 50,000 hours, significantly reducing operating costs and replacement lamps for 17 years. The warranty period — 3 years.

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