OptoGaN light more ice arena in Sochi

In 2012, completed the construction of one of the biggest hockey stadiums in Russia — Big Ice Palace in Sochi. The company "OptoGaN" took part in the project, highlighting the auxiliary rooms and lobbies of the sports complex.

According to the plan of the project Ice Palace "Big" will be ultra-modern multi-purpose sports and entertainment facilities in the world level. Complex Ice Palace "Big" — a single building covered with a spherical dome — designed for 12,000 seats. The concept of the image of the scene is laid frozen drop. "Large" will be one of the most spacious sports facilities intended for competitions in the most massive sports.

 The new building on the premises of large ice arena has more than four thousand LED lighting company "OptoGaN." Industrial lights Optolyuks Line-150 used to illuminate the premises of underground parking. Fixtures Optolyuks Point-150, Optolyuks Point-200 and Optolyuks-Office-Lite installed in offices, locker rooms, lobbies and spectator areas access to sectors of the ice arena. Emergency exits are equipped with LED lights Оптолюкс-Сигнал-Альфа/Бета/Гамма who are able to work up to three hours in the emergency mode without reducing the level of light output.

In addition to significant energy savings, LED lamps have a long life and have little need for maintenance. These characteristics are key to such a large object as a large ice arena, the number of lighting is measured in thousands. The total savings, which is achieved by using LED lights instead of fluorescent counterparts, resulting in a significant reduction in operating costs, and therefore the payback period of the project are reduced significantly.

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