OptoGaN lights Petersburg Tractor Plant

The company "OptoGaN" installed energy-efficient LED solutions to the main assembly conveyor Petersburg Tractor Plant — a subsidiary of JSC "Kirov Plant".

Replacement of old lights with LED has been made in the reconstruction of the plant, which has allowed to optimize production and reduce its operating costs and energy consumption. The workshops are installed LED lights for industrial use "Optolyuks-Line 150" , that, compared with fluorescent analogs, allowing maximum light and comfort for employees Petersburg Tractor Plant. Fixtures this series are easy to mount, which allowed them to establish as soon as possible, without stopping the production process, which is especially important in the large-scale reconstruction.

 After modernization of the lighting system assembly plant helped to reduce electricity consumption by more than 6 times. Combined with the higher reliability of LED lamps "OptoGaN"-life (10 years manufacturer’s warranty — 5 years) return on the system will be 2.3 years. In addition, the replacement of old lights with LED has significantly improved the working environment for high quality lighting jobs, which has a positive impact on the mood of the people, their attitude to work, labor productivity and, ultimately, the competitiveness of the technology.



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