OptoGaN offered regional quick project assembly plant

 Photo source:nkj.ru

The plant "OptoGaN" in St. Petersburg

New design solution for the group of companies "OptoGaN" will allow Russian companies to launch their own production of LED lights for one — three months.

Using the kit, developed by "OptoGaN", will allow businesses to run their own production of energy-efficient lighting with minimal costs. The new solution makes it possible to evaluate the profitability of technology, to explore the potential market, as well as in a short time to start producing lamps under its own brand. Assembly manufacturing takes one to three months.

"Regional program for the introduction of energy-efficient lighting is often aimed primarily at supporting local producers. However, the establishment of local manufacturing LED lighting requires significant time, money and logistics costs, — says Alexei Bucket, executive vice president of the group of companies "OptoGaN." — We now offer a unique solution to the market, which has no analogues. Our kit is the basic foundation for the assembly of LED lamps. Companies spend many months to organize the production of high quality LED products and our solution can do it in less than a quarter. "

The project is currently running in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Republic of Tatarstan. The first deliveries were made assembly kits for businesses, which is working on the creation of joint ventures — the company "Optolyuks center" and Almetyevsky plant "Radiopribor".

In the future, companies that use design kits "OptoGaN" will gradually localize the production of housings and other components of the light fixtures in the region on their own or in partnership with local businesses that will provide additional opportunities for business development companies.

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