OptoGaN. Russian LEDs.


The group of companies "OptoGaN" is a vertically integrated manufacturer of modern energy efficient lighting technology based on high-brightness LEDs.

The Group’s products are:

* LED chips;
* Super-bright LEDs;
* LED matrix;
* Fixtures for various applications.

The company also offers its clients a wide range of services:

* The development and production of LED chips for the specific needs of customers;
* Advice on the use of LED lighting technology in production;
* Audit of light;
* Preparation of detailed feasibility study for the introduction of LED lighting technology;
* Advice on the use of LED lights on the stage of design and construction;
* Attracting funding under the scheme of energy service contracts from leading Russian and foreign banks.

Technologies and production processes of the company are protected by numerous Russian and international patents. The level of technology allows the LEDs with efficiency of over 120 lumens / watt.

Basic research and development company held in Dortmund, Germany, there is a pilot production of LEDs.

The main production facilities are located in St. Petersburg.

The group of companies "OptoGaN" acquires subsidiary of Elcoteq in St. Petersburg, including all production facilities and infrastructure. The total area of the factory is 15.500 m2 production area — more than 5,000 m2.
In autumn 2010, is expected to launch the first production line of LED production capacity of 30 million pieces per month.

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