Orbital Technologies and RSC Energia plans to launch the Commercial Space Station (CCS)

The company "Orbital Technologies" and Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" announced their intention to jointly implement plans for the construction and operation of the world’s first Commercial Space Station (CCS).

In this case, the general contractor of construction and operation of the plant will make Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" and the company "Orbital Technologies" will provide the customer search and financing of the project.

It is expected that the plant will operate flights on the same orbit as the International Space Station. The station will be visited and able to take on board a crew of up to seven people. During the construction of the station will feature elements, modules and technologies of the highest quality and reliability in certified space flights.

The station will be operated by the Russian spacecraft "Soyuz" and "Progress". In addition to its service will be possible to use other manned and cargo transport systems existing in the international market, including commercial, currently being developed in Russia, the U.S., Europe and China.

The Space Station will be used to attend private citizens, professional cosmonauts (astronauts), as well as researchers from the commercial (private) companies interested in conducting research programs.

"The proposed project is extremely interesting. It will allow the private sector to take part in such a unique endeavor, as well as to attract private investment to the Russian space industry ", — said Vitaly Davydov, Deputy Head of the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos).

General Director of "Orbital Technologies," Sergei Kostenko said, "I am pleased to announce our joint intention to provide the global market space station with the possibility of commercial use. After its launch and commissioning of CCS will provide unique opportunities for commercial, public and private space exploration missions. " Further, Mr. Kostenko continued, "The CCF is a significant addition to the existing orbital resources. We look forward to working with private companies, state enterprises and entrepreneurs from around the world. "

"RSC" Energia "is ready to be the general contractor for this large-scale project. Corporation for more than 10 years of study leading commercial space station. Forty years of experience building complex space objects and technical resources RSC "Energia" sufficient for a short time to build a commercial plant, having satisfied all the requirements of the private sector ", — said V. Lopota, President and General Designer of RSC" Energia ".

The use of the station will go in three directions:

First of all, it is the center of commercial activities, the implementation of projects in the field of scientific research conducted in low Earth orbit. At present the company "Orbital Technologies’ has already signed contracts with several customers, who represent various segments of science and industry are engaged in research in the field of medicine, protein crystallization, materials processing, cartography and remote sensing. Mr. Kostenko said: "We also have a few suggestions for the implementation of media projects. And, of course, some of our customers would like to just spend a little vacation on board the station. "

Second, by virtue of its design and the orbital location of CCF in the event of an emergency situation on the ISS can be a refuge for her crew.

"For the crew of the ISS will be able if necessary to leave the ISS for a few days, for example, at the time of unscheduled maintenance work at the station or in the event of an emergency. This will avoid unplanned return the crew to Earth, "- said Alexey Krasnov, Head of Manned Space Agency programs.

"And, finally, a commercial space station will become the gate, paving the way for the expansion of the solar system. A short stopover at the station — it’s the perfect start to a manned near-moon travels with the modernized spacecraft "Soyuz". We are ready to provide the station as a supply base and intermediate route for manned space missions planned for the next decade "- continued Mr. Kostenko.

All the details on the construction of the station can be found on the company’s website www.orbitaltechnologies.ru. Updating the site cleaned regularly. Potential customers and partners from all suggestions and questions regarding the project, please contact the company "Orbital Technologies."

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