Orders for defense

Novosibirsk Research Institute of Electronic Devices experiencing new times, implementing large-scale projects within the framework of the state program of armaments to 2020.

Half a second on the accuracy

More recently, the domestic "defense industry" was in collapse — the lack of orders, the total under-funding, delays in wage payments, arrears of taxes and duties. NIIEP managed to survive in these conditions due to the competent leadership and intellectual potential — scientific research aimed at establishing the reliability of the air shield Russia. That changed in the enterprise to obtain the state defense order, talk to the CEO of "NIIEP" Amir ALYAMOVYM.

— Amir Enverovich for how long formed the state defense order for the Institute of Electronic Devices?

— The policy that has recently lead the state to create a defense shield of our country, can not but rejoice. The Army must be modernized to become a modern reliable mechanism capable of protecting the independence and unity of Russia, the life of its citizens and the interests of the state in a changing world. Our company has been awarded a state defense order for a number of products of its own design. Since 2011, the order is not formed in the year, as it was before, but three to five years. So we have identified the prospects for capacity utilization. During this time, the state defense order and volume of products produced by the enterprise, increased three-fold. Sales of "NIIEP" following the results of 2012 amounted to more than one billion rubles against 370 million in 2010.

— What are the new challenges faced by the Institute?

— Our company was established in 1950, its main objective was to develop a system of non-contact explosion. Today, we have grown Rank Institute developer and steel research and production complex. Those main lines that were laid at the base of the Institute was expanded during the leadership of Valery G. Edvabnika. Under his leadership, experts NIIEP mastered a number of new directions. Today the company has successfully developed areas such as optical fuses, fiber thermal focal goal, contact-purpose non-contact sensors, board computers, etc. We focus on the development of the world’s leading manufacturers of armaments and military equipment, and to some extent global manufacturers guided by our long-term development.

— Are there any Russian companies like yours?

— For a variety of products, our company is a monopolist. NIIEP — a unique venture, the only east of the Urals, which has been operating in the field of smart equipment for military vehicles — on-board computing devices, optical, laser and radio controlled fuses. For example, our fuse works just fractions of a second that demands much of its accuracy and reliability. And we cope with this sometimes better than anyone else in the world.

Intelligence at the service of the Fatherland

Research Institute of Electronic Devices in Novosibirsk was founded during the "cold war." His emergence coincided with the revolutionary changes in military armament: combat aircraft and supersonic jet was, it was time for anti-aircraft missiles. One of the first was the Institute for the terms of reference for the development of radio controlled fuses for a new missile defense complex of the Army "Circle". At tremendous speeds of aircraft and missiles, which it has to hit the most important thing was to ensure that the undermining of the warhead in that brief moment when the target is in the affected area. Specialists of the Institute coped with the problem: a radio controlled fuses missiles of this complex for the first time in the world have been applied to the antenna steerable. This system has become a brand name in the future NIIEP to create the most complex systems.

— Where are your products?

— We have established for missiles of S-300B, which they say that "he knocks everything that flies," the country’s first onboard computer, as well as a unique, still has no analogues in the world by the performance, the system of non-contact explosion. In our company was commissioned dozens of systems of non-contact explosion. They, in particular, to take place at such well-known anti-aircraft missile systems (SAMs), both for the protection of warships — "Storm", S-25M "Berkut" anti-aircraft missile complex short-range "Thor" and its naval version — SAM "Dagger". We produce laser fuses for missiles of "air — air" air force, do onboard computing devices for the Navy — to set them in torpedoes.

— Will the new development to meet defense procurement?

— For some products we carry out modernization, increasing their reliability and quality, improve the technical and tactical characteristics. There is also a completely new product that will pass state tests in the coming months.

— The production base, which primarily manufactured your product does not exist today. Now that you are going to do yourself?

— We used to do a pilot small-scale parties, even piece, but now lives forces us to engage in the creation of specialized sites that will produce certain products. In this regard, we have to radically re-equip its material and technical base. In 2009, we were included in the federal target program "Development of the military-industrial complex" with the project of building a new engineering and manufacturing complex consisting of two buildings with a total area of about 20,000 square meters. At that time the company had unregulated Taxes and Levies in a large amount. We planned it partially repay the expense of the old buildings, while they themselves had to move to new premises, equipped with modern equipment. But in December 2010, was approved by the state defense order for 2020, and we began to increase production up to a fourfold increase in this year, so that all of our area will be used to the full. Today we have nearly completed the construction of the engineering corps, and at the end of the second quarter of its population will begin to scientific and technological departments. Profit, which we will have in relation to the implementation of these commitments will restructure the debt of Taxation and finance its development. This project is co-financing on terms of parity, we have already received a large portion of the amount of the federal budget, the total cost of the project amounts to more than 700 million rubles.

Attract young people

Since the beginning of this year in the Institute of Electronic Devices launched another large-scale project — creation of a set of bench production equipment. This unique complex of its kind, designed for 1,6 thousand square meters. m, will enable the company to create its products at a high quality, reliable and modern technological equipment. To design and manufacture of non-standard equipment involved in scientific and industrial strength of the enterprise.

— It’s no secret that many defense companies are experiencing staff shortages, high quality experts went in the days of no money …

— We actively involve young people. Replenish their academic units alumni NSTU, University of Telecommunications and Information Academy of Geodesy. Welcome to the practical work of students of college radio. We have a program to support young professionals: we pay them the interest rate on your mortgage, rent for rented accommodation, install additional cost. And young people are willing to go to us. Four years ago, the ave
rage age of the company was 54 years old, is now about 45 years old. We stand for continuity, our youth is equal to the veterans — those people who are the backbone of the company, its intellectual pride, those who managed to keep NIIEP in hard times. So much lack of personnel for engineering and technical positions we do not feel, but by working professions — yes. We need radiomontazhniki, regulators, tuners, toolmakers, as well as experts who could serve new three-, four-, and five-axis machine tools. By the way, by the end 2012, the average salary in the company amounted to more than thirty thousand. This is higher than the average in the Novosibirsk region. In addition, we create our training center, where their plan to train professionals to give them the opportunity to be retrained and improve skills.

— Tell us about the partners of the enterprise, as you work with them?

— Our partnerships have developed long and well, they are based on friendship and corporate support. We partner with the city of Lida Belarus, with the Kaluga, which supplies us with a laser, a photodetector modules for Saratov, among contractors that supply complex parts and assemblies, Novosibirsk enterprises — NZPP, NGO "East", "oxide" ON "Ray." We feel the constant support of regional and city authorities. Special thanks for the support I want to say to the authorized representative of the President in the Siberian Federal District Victor A. Tolokonsky, the government and especially the Minister of Industry, Trade and Development of the Novosibirsk region Sergei Nikolaevich Semke, director of the MUP "Gorvodokanal" Yuri Nikolayevich Pokhil.

— On you as CEO for almost a year, appointed July 13, 2012 by order of the State Corporation "Russian Technologies". What is the main line of practice?

— I try to be guided by the principles laid down by my predecessors — N. Prokopenko and VG Edvabnikom, run the business for 22 years and 20 years respectively to move forward, to calculate risks, and remember that the main capital of the company — its people. My main task — to create the necessary conditions and a favorable climate that would allow the team to execute the order of the state and, no matter how loud it sounds, to ensure the reliability of the defense shield of our country.

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