Orders for Russian weapons close to 50 billion dollars

The portfolio of orders for Russian arms and military equipment in 2010 reached 48 billion dollars. In an interview with the newspaper "Kommersant" said the director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Mikhail Dmitriev. The volume of military exports exceeded ten billion dollars. "Last year was more notable for the fact that we first planned task performed without strain," — said Dmitriev.

According to the head FSMTC, customers are placing a lot of claims to the set of military technology and service is working to improve the quality of products. "Even in Soviet times underestimated very important part of our business — the repair of equipment, modernization, supply of spare parts, tools and accessories. We, unfortunately, inherited, and to overcome this legacy was not so easy, "- said Dmitriev, adding that the situation began to improve when the world entered the market Russian subjects of military-technical cooperation.

In general, Russia has managed to preserve "the main advantages in the market" — a relatively low price and "satisfactory level of quality." However, the recent trend of rise in price of military products because of the rising cost of components. "This is not our area. We are engaged in exporting and manufacturing and not only ascertain the alarming situation as a result of the export price of Russian military products is also creeping up, "- said Dmitriev. According to him, this situation "at the existing problems with the quality of" a negative impact on the competitiveness of the Russian defense products.

Despite these shortcomings, according FSMTC, the order book for Russian weapons will continue to grow. The volume of Russian arms exports in the current year may again exceed the mark of ten billion dollars. Earlier, representatives of FSMTC and "Rosoboronexport" stated that the volume of orders for the Russian military products will help the country in the next few years to keep exports at the level of ten billion dollars.

Speaking about the copying of Russian military equipment China, Dmitriev said that in 2008 this country special agreement was signed by the Ministry of Justice. To resolve the issue with unlicensed copying, according to the head of FSMTC quite difficult. "In the post-war period and afterwards, during the Soviet era, we have supplied to China whole production line of various products. Then it is not required to sign some papers, we have on this subject and documents, then no no. And now to file a claim of serious we can not "- said Dmitriev.

The situation is also complicated by the fact that China, copying Russian military products, brought in her own changes. "These products are not ours, but made a serious participation of the Chinese military industry. The Chinese consider them your own. It is very difficult to negotiate, "- stated Dmitriev, adding that the current military-technical cooperation with China began to decline because of the rapid industrial development of the country, which is already in a position to provide many of their own needs.

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