Ordinary Americans are more inclined to trust Russia than his CIA

and the FBI

Upper class juggling showed us Wall Street Journal. As you know, recently revealed that Russia warned the U.S. about Tsarnaeva back in 2011. However, Americans have successfully ignored the warning and were the natural result of Boston attack.

It would seem, well, miss the bus. Well, it happens. Well, let’s now take a closer listen to the Russian colleagues …

But no, it turns out, are to blame Russian — they should warn clearer. I quote from the newspaper:

"Russia withheld from the United States an important part of the information before the terrorist attack in Boston, said U.S. officials, concerned that the lack of trust between the two governments had erased the opportunity to prevent a catastrophe.
In 2011, Russia sent a warning to the FBI about the alleged demolitions Tsarnaeve Tamerlane, which mentioned, in particular, text messages between his mother and a Russian relative. From the texts indicated that Tsarnaev was interested in joining the group of militants who accuse Russia in the attacks in the Caucasus region …" 

Simply put, the FBI believes that we — the goats because they were not very convincing. Now, if we passed not only the orientation, and more detailed information, they would have dug something on Tsarnaeva. And they just scored.

A ridiculous excuse?

Ridiculous. It is inconceivable that after, say, a terrorist attack in Domodedovo we accused States that they have given us enough information about terrorists. And, importantly, ordinary Americans are well aware of.

I quote selected comments on the article, which translated delighted resourcefulness of journalists

Putin: Send the name of "Tamerlane" to the FBI.
FBI: Thank you. Prove that Tamerlane — a terrorist, not a freedom fighter.
Putin: Fuck you …
FBI: We’re from you have not heard anything!

And more:

I agree with those who say that the administration of [President] and the FBI are trying to put the blame on Russia, when in fact it did us a favor. If the security of the United States in such bad shape that we can get out only relying on Russia, then all is lost.


Another triumph of America under the current administration! And all this just after Russia sends missiles to Syria, although John Kerry literally on his knees and begged Putin not to. And they did not agree to help us stop Iran. Yeah, so our foreign relations have improved since the days of George W. Bush. For example, China is helping us so with North Korea. And Obama’s overtures to the Islamic world (in Cairo, he almost said that he is a Muslim) have led to such outstanding success in Benghazi. Now we have almost Turkey threatens us, so we agreed to their demands, otherwise they will be even less friendly. I do not understand why they are still in NATO.Yeah, with the successes we’ll need all the reset buttons to which we are for the next 4 years will be able to reach.

Or, for example, are:

Maybe it’s Russian fault that it took 16 years to catch Whitey Bulger, and it took 10 years to find the girls in Cleveland and throw Castro in jail?
Maybe we should hire a Russian, so they tracked down the stolen paintings from the Gardner Museum?
And when it begins to write the WSJ that ABC and others have long been saying there is solid evidence that Tamerlane and his brother killed Brendan Mass?
And when the WSJ starts writing about what Uncle Ruslan CARM was married to the daughter of one of the top leaders of the CIA? Not the usual and ordinary agent, and former vice-chairman of the National Intelligence Council, Graham Fuller, in the case of the infamous Iran-Contra?
A former CIA officer, "it is absurd to bind the suspect and his uncle Boston agency." Retired CIA officer Graham Fuller on Saturday confirmed the Al-Monitor that his daughter was married to her uncle suspects in the attack on the Boston Marathon, but called rumors of his uncle and the CIA connection absurd
What do you think, why the CIA and the FBI simply buried the murder of Brendan Mass after the rejection of the investigation in respect Tsarnaeva? The answer to you.

You can see it is this:

Of course, the Russian blame. They told us that he was a scoundrel, and hanging out with the wrong company. But they did not send us a message via FedEx marked "ultrastrochno", "top priority", "read it, stupid." It is not surprising that the administration had not notified. They also addressed a message to the U.S. President, and this place is empty the last 4.5 years.

Or this:

If we are told Russian subsequent follow someone, it has to happen. How much do these notices we get from them? A tiny amount, so that it was necessary to complete the alarm to sound at once. Looks like we slazhal.


When the story that the FBI was warned about these Russian terrorists back in 2011, came to light a few days ago, I remember thinking, "This is epic crap! Now just head will roll. " And as I was surprised to see that the reaction of the press was strangely silent about this outstanding display of incompetence. I’m sure the CIA receives a huge amount of empty pickups — but not from Russia yet! This is nothing like the incredible incompetence of the FBI, and Russia should be thanked for their efforts, which could prevent explosions. But what is our response? They accuse the Russian persistent enough in his report to the information we have, that these guys are dangerous. Just some of Orwell’s development history! I agree with one of the comments below that the FBI has to save money on public relations, and instead do their work and take responsibility for the failure. And by the way — good luck in getting the most important for saving lives of Americans of Russian intelligence ever again! FBI clearly marked what "thanks" for the Russian get that share data.

And more:

Oh, so now it’s Russia’s fault? Twice they were warned, once the FBI and the CIA once? They investigated and found nothing? You know what — it’s not the FBI intelligence agency of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. If Russia has twice warned that U.S. agencies had to dig the ground, even if at first nothing is. If you are the first time he found nothing that does not mean that there is nothing, especially if followed by a second warning. And now the FBI and CIA as always refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes and blame the beech-Russia, which, you know, they did not. GROW has eggs and do your fucking job for which you are paid by the taxpayers billions of dollars every year!


Too bad that his government can be trusted less than the Russian. No surprise that Communist China is now teaching us capitalism. How miserable and sick must be a government that because of their own incompetence FULL now attempt to substitute Russian, and that’s our cooperation on exploration over. And what will be the next time some crazy explode another bomb? Again accuse Russian?

And again:

U.S.: Russia has hidden intelligence? You are swollen or what? As the United States generally can expect from Russia that it will share the information? And when they gave her all of a sudden, the administration simply ignored …
Obama and his gang can continue to pull as many bagpipes that they "won the war on terror" and move to their progressive social programs. But this is not true, and the threat of terrorism today, where as high as 4.5 years ago.

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