Original electronic gifts

Voice Recorder — unusual, exclusive, functional gift!

models are available in exclusive buildings of wood or leather
there are models in gold-plated housings
Hit models are available in a gift box

Each of us makes to the present, as such, their claims; thus be it a gift or a loved one supervisor, a professional holiday or maintaining business relationships with business partner — we want to find something that has combined to the functionality and respectability, stylish design and uniqueness. — In a word, then that emphasizes a status of the owner and takes into account their tastes.

Telesystems Company opens a new direction decorative gift electronics. Our gift recorders meet all the requirements listed above. They have unique characteristics that have an unusual stylish design, made of high quality materials. In addition, each of them comes in an exclusive box, which gives such a gift to a finished look and relieves the client from the worries of a decent package.

On the body of many models can be applied to an individual gift or engraved logo of your company

Edic-mini Tiny B30

Edic-mini Tiny 16 A41

Edic-mini Tiny 16 A404


Edic-mini Tiny B25 16


Edic-mini PRO A38

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