Original LED street lights can save energy by half

LED street lights "Rhythm CMS" at Baikonur


The novelty in the field of modern lighting devices Moscow-based company offers Ltd. "Rhythm-2", producing LED lights series "Rhythm CMS" with low power consumption (50%) intended to cover roads, stadiums, transportation tunnels and other areas.

The company produces three versions of new items with power consumption of 75, 115 and 140 W (dimensions fixtures 835 * 335 * 210 mm, weight does not exceed 8 kg). CMS issued a series of lights in a dust-and splash-proof design (class IP53).
According to the purpose they are equivalent conventional street lights with HID lamps (mercury arc lamp) and HPS (sodium arc tube lamps). From traditional street lighting, they are efficient, high contrast ratio and a higher level of color reproduction (color rendering index of 75-85, which is almost twice higher than conventional street lights).
Fixtures "Rhythm CMS ‘environmentally friendly due to the absence of mercury vapor and other harmful substances. It should also be noted that the light flux generated by the new light fixtures, is not accompanied by damaging to the human eye low-frequency fluctuations (the so-called no stroboscopic effect).

Fixtures series "Rhythm of CMS ‘work in networks of standard AC voltage of 190-250 V, 50 Hz. With increased mechanical strength and vibration resistance, they are very important that stably operate in difficult atmospheric conditions, including at low temperatures. As you know, in a low sub-zero temperatures of conventional lamps with HPS and HID lamps are often problems with start-up.

New fixtures have been tested, certified and approved for widespread use for lighting public squares, streets, roads and highways, tunnels, interchanges, railway stations, stadiums and other areas.


Author: Alexei Labunsky

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