ORMETO-YuUMZ built a new impact crusher for Siberian metallurgy

In late June ORMETO-YuUMZ (Orenburg region) completed the control assembly, testing and shipment of new impact crusher. Modern and high quality crushing and grinding equipment has been shipped to the largest steel plant in Siberia. This impact crusher will be used in the future in the shop uglepodgotovki to "Evraz Cox Siberia" — branch of JSC "Evraz Joint ZSMK."

Impact crushers are intended for crushing dressed in the enrichment process to breed size 0 … 40 mm. Rotary crusher simple in construction and in operation, provide a relatively high degree of fineness at low specific power consumption. 

Technical parameters of the crusher:

· The maximum size of a piece of feed material 150 mm;

· Capacity 70 t / h;

· Size fraction outlet 0 … 40 mm;

· Electric motor power 160 kW;

· Weight crushers (without motor) 13.02 m

In addition to the impact crushers ORMETO-YuUMZ produces other types of crushing and grinding equipment: hammer crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher, roll crusher, the crusher drum thunder-DB-28; tube ball mill, a mill for cement production; pulverizing mill.

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