Orphans of the Kursk area receive a new home

In the city of Kursk region Shchigry there was a whole street youth — a year ago in the first 8 homes already settled 32 newcomer. October 25 keys to new apartments on Cherry Street got another 20 people. All of them — the waiting out of the ‘orphans’. The apartments are connected to distribution networks, power, water and sanitation. At home there are small plots of land.

From 2007 to 2010 orphans Kursk region was granted 165 apartments, in 2011 — 545. The same amount will celebrate housewarming party this year, and in 20 municipalities. For these purposes was sent 458 million rubles, including from the regional budget — 374 million rubles.

In 2013, to provide housing for orphans provided more than half a billion rubles. In total, the existing regional programs worth more than 2 billion rubles will be provided with housing 2570 orphans. By 2015 the total elimination of all for people in this category.

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