Orphans of Yakutia and Irkutsk MVD received new apartments

December 25th district head Sergei Vinokurov solemnly handed over the keys to new 24 well-appointed one-bedroom apartments for orphans and children left without parental care. A nice addition to the keys are money certificates.

Housewarming took place in three new comfortable houses located in residential areas with good infrastructure and built specifically for orphans.
Head of the District congratulated the young settlers and thanked the builders, all professionals who were directly involved in the fact that this happy event took place. Letters of thanks were given to contractors, LLC "Promstroymontazh" and "Plant basaltic materials." 
 At the ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by the head of the local administration, Sergey Vinokurov, Chief Specialist of the guardianship authority area Pelagia Antonova, director of "PROMSTROYMONTAZH" Alex Arbykin and settler Nurguyaana Adam.
Chief specialist of the guardianship authority Pelagia Antonov said that today’s event was held on the leadership Vilyui district and the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) has done a tremendous job. She thanked him for the joint work of the builders, the management of capital construction and specialists of the district administration. At the conclusion of new settlers wished happiness, comfort and warmth in new homes.
 In the Leninsky district of Irkutsk on December 25, a solemn presentation of key participants resettlement program of old and dilapidated housing.
In the new building on the street were flat Bauman 17 families that have lived on the streets Miner, Kostycheva, Winter, 2nd town. Newcomers welcomed Mayor Viktor Kondrashov, Head of Capital Construction Irkutsk Yevgeny Savchenko.
As the press service of the administration of Irkutsk, the mayor went to one of the apartments. The landlady told Zoe Glinnikova chapter of that before their family lived in a house on the street 2nd Battery Town on the station, which a few years ago, was damaged by fire. Happy owner of a new apartment. She noted the successful planning, good quality work — UKS city rents the apartment "turnkey".
As Viktor Kondrashov, in 2012, the relocation of residents was conducted on the two programs. The program "Resettlement of emergency housing in Irkutsk" in 2012 as part of the federal law of 21.07.2007 № 185-FZ of 53 families to be relocated out of five residential buildings (Winter Street, 1 st. Kostycheva, 12, str. Miner, 14, 20, str. 2-Town, 3). For this purpose has been allocated 65 million: 46 million — from the fund assistance to reforming housing and communal services, 19 million — from the city budget. On December 25 fully settled two houses from the street. Miner, 14, Town Street 2 nd, 3, 46 displaced families. 17 families settled in houses built UKSom on the street. Bauman, 233/1, 235/2, 29 families settled in a house built by LLC "Irkutskstroy" on the street. Bauman, 172/6.
For the implementation of the second program of "Resettlement of emergency housing Irkutsk 2004 — 2012" in this year sent 159 million: 129 million — from the city budget, 29 million — from the regional budget. Under this program, new apartments were 13 families of five houses on the street. Sarafanovskaya, 56, str. Baikal, 52a, 52b, st. Trilisser, 10/2, 10/3.
December 24 started work on resettlement of people from nine houses (97 families), located on the street. Summer, 2, 4, 6, str. Winter, 3, 5, 20, 22, str. Sarafanovskaya, 44, 54. Tenants of these houses is proposed to move into the apartment on the street. Surnova 30. Arrival is scheduled for late January 2013.
As Viktor Kondrashov, work on resettlement of people from dilapidated housing in 2013 will be continued. At the site of the demolished houses build social facilities, such as operating on the outskirts of the planned construction of the initial block number 66 of the school and a kindergarten for 220 places.

Rescuers Yakutia got the keys from new apartments



New Year’s Eve in new apartments. Today, as part of the program provide housing for military personnel and emergency workers ceremonial presentation of key employees and veterans of the Ministry. Details of the Athanasius Nikolaev.
The two generals, general manager and senior vice prime cut a ribbon. The decision to build the house for the rescuers back was jointly taken by the President of the Republic Yegor Borisov and the then Minister of Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu. In August last year, scored the first pile and in record time construction was completed.
Family of Alexander Kolmogortseva over ten years waiting for their turn to check-in and finally own one-bedroom apartment. They moved here from Chbshki, the whole family with children and a grandson happy settlers inspect new apartment.
Fifty keys to the brand-new apartments have found the owners directly on the staircase, without much pathos and almost family-like. Happy newcomers to congratulate the leadership of the republic and the Far East Regional Emergency Center. As noted — solution of housing problems among the staff of the Office — the main priority.
All fifty apartments rented turnkey, fully decorated, so in 2013 a new house on the priest’s fedora meet fully populated. 

Today Tashtagolskiy 22 families received the keys to the apartment in the new house 

Among the newcomers — settlers of old and dilapidated housing, orphans and the disabled. 
The apartments are decorated with "turnkey" installed metal doors, plumbing, counters Hot and cold water, fire alarm. 
To build a house intended 29,800,000 rubles. 
Since the beginning of the year in Tashtagol built more than 30 thousand square meters, 435 families improved their living conditions, including 51 family moved from emergency barracks in comfortable housing, 25 orphans received the keys of apartments in new buildings.


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