ORSIS — high-precision weapons systems

In March 2011, the Group of Companies "Survey Systems" starts commercial production of hunting, sporting and tactical rifles with manual re-charge the outstanding accuracy, as well as replacement and ballistic caliber barrels from 5.6 to 20 mm. The plant is located in Moscow and is staffed by a unique machine park, which include 30 manufacturing centers for various purposes with software and numerical control (CNC). The use of CNC machines can not only maintain a consistently high quality products at each stage of the production cycle, but also provides the flexibility and performance of the enterprise. The high degree of automation and the use of the latest Russian and international scientific research can make the products of a quality that meets the highest standards.
Rifle, manufactured at the plant GC "Survey Systems", called ORSIS. In Latin, the word is consonant Ursus — bear. This animal has always been a symbol of Russia. Smart, strong and dangerous animal, Bear is respected among hunters. The second source of the name ORSIS — the phrase "weapon system" — reflects the company’s approach to the creation of small arms. Russian word "system" comes from the Greek???? — Combination. System — it’s not just a collection of elements, but above all, their complementarity and interaction as parts of a whole. Rifles ORSIS — this system of components and mechanisms of arms, which are perfect not only themselves, but also perfect interact with each other, which is a prerequisite of perfection of the whole. Name of weapon systems ORSIS emphasizes the harmony of the project, which is inseparable from the concept of technical implementation.

In the facilities arms factory GC "Survey Systems" Company now full cycle of rifles: the production of barrels, bolt group, triggers, lodges, assembly and testing of finished products. The trunks are made of stainless steel and chrome-molybdenum rods steel barrel. All processes, including deep drilling, scanning the bore, profiling, carried out on the unique equipment as foreign-made and designed by engineers design bureau of using imported components, and with the assistance of foreign experts. The accuracy of the equipment allows to obtain almost perfect barrels with internal geometry, which ensures the highest quality. Equipment for the production of barrels of this class in Europe is not used anywhere else. For the manufacture of the bolt and the triggers are special high-strength steels, including stainless steel. Lozhevyh constructions made of different materials arms laminate, wood, glass and carbon fabric, as well as in combination with the inner frame of the high strength aluminum alloy.

According to the accuracy of rifles ORSIS significantly outperforming the most common sniper rifles. In the ballistic science is actively used indicator of minute of angle (arc minute), an analog of the mathematical minute of arc (arc minutes). It shows the accuracy of fire in the absence of wind effects and are usually measured by 3-5 shots. MOA rifle with a coefficient equal to one indicates accuracy of about 2.9 cm when shooting at 100 meters. Weapons MOA with less than one call or accurate sniper. GC "Survey Systems’ ensures that all rifles have ORSIS accuracy of fire no more than 0.5 MOA, and many models of accuracy can be even higher. These figures have until recently been achievable only the best foreign samples.

Moscow factory area exceeds 3000 m2, the total number of employees — about 100 people. The company has all the necessary licenses and permits for the production of small arms, certified to international quality standards ISO 9001. State GC "Survey Systems" staffed with highly constructional, engineering, operating and management personnel. The enterprise carries out scientific research and experimental development in the field of development and modernization of the modern high-precision weapons systems. There is cooperation with specialists from Russian research institutes and technical colleges in the field of metal, materials, design and development of small arms. The project is the creation of high-tech weapons production was supported by the National Federation of precision shooting, which experts are involved in the development and testing of its products.
High technology, high quality raw materials, the professionalism of all the staff, a flexible approach to customer service and the highest quality — all this makes the rifle ORSIS unique.

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