Ortho-Naharinskaya school in Yakutia opened in a new building

One of the oldest schools in Yakutia was presented to his centenary new well-appointed two-story stone building. On Friday in the village of Ortho-Nahar Lena area opening new buildings and the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the school.

In addition to educational institution in the building, which seats 120 people, will be posted on the school-garden 18 children.

The school, celebrating a double celebration, received from the Ministry of Education of equipment for chemistry, biology and physics, from the Commissioner for Human Rights on the PC (I) — a legal library in Russian and Yakut, from alumni living and working in the Peace — laptops, from graduates in 1973 — an interactive whiteboard from the municipality "Lena area" — a certificate for the purchase of musical instruments and tools adapted to the conversion of the building, a dormitory teachers.
In addition, there were marked achievements of the teaching staff establishment. Teachers who have worked for many years, have received national and federal awards, letters, thank you letters, etc.

Construction of a new school building was begun in 2007 and was completed in 2008. During that time, not once changed the general contractor. Now, LLC "Sahaspetsmontazh-75", started construction in May, completing commissioning activities. Within two weeks, they are going to complete all the work. To employment in the new spacious school young ortho-nahrintsy begin next month.
Help YSIA: In 1911, opened a parish school and Meitskogo Tarakanskskogo naslegov Olekminsky Kirenskogo Ulus district of Irkutsk region, which later became the Ortho-Naharinskoy school Lena area. In 1998 — Ortho-Naharinskoy school was named after the oldest teacher Sergei Ivanovich Cherepanov.
Over the years, many famous finished school in the district and the country people: scientists, politicians, politics and art. Among them, the president in the Lena region Anatoly Popov, Commissioner for Human Rights on the PC (I) Fedor Zakharov, a federal judge Yuri Basygysov, General Director of "ALROSA-Nyurba" Basil Courneuve, etc.

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