Orthodox sponsors gathered for the reconstruction of the Alexander Nevsky

Laura 500 million rubles.

Orthodox sponsors gathered at the reconstruction of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery 500 million rubles.

In particular, the plans to restore the bell tower of St. Petersburg diocese. A few of the bells will be inscribed in it: they sponsored the CEO working on gospodryadah JSC "Vodokanalstroy" whose name has recently appeared in connection with the story about the theft of large sums.

 More than 500 million rubles allocated for the reconstruction of investors of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. "This is a lot of money, we could hardly have mastered 250 million for the year", — said at a press conference dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the shrine, Bishop Nazariy. According to him, the laurels will soon have its own boiler house under construction "Gazprom", the plans also restore the bell tower. "All in all it will be 15 bells, now set for 13. Two of them were cast by the sponsors and today were brought to the monastery, "- said the bishop. According to him, will soon appear in person at the Belfry 6-ton bell general director of CJSC "Vodokanalstroy" Vladimir Agia, another sponsor bell staff "Vodokanal St. Petersburg."

However, at the state enterprise disown bell cast at their expense. "We will only provide toilets participants of the procession along the Nevsky and celebrations in honor of the 300th anniversary of laurels", — the press-service of "water utility" contribution to enterprise in the future large-scale events and celebrations. "Probably, we are confused with" Vodokanalstroem "- our contractor," — added to the "Vodokanal".

"Fontanka" got through to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the president of the group of companies "Vodokanalstroy" Vladimir AGIA. "I am a person with a master of orthodox and never argue. As Bishop said, and rightly so, "- said AGIA. Businessman, thus, could not say how many of its registered bells will now be located at the Belfry. "I do a lot of that has financed the Laura, I am very pleased when she prettier. To me it does not really matter, what exactly does this money go. I’m not a public person, and not used to claim that they had invested in something "- he said.

"We have two of the same monastery in Russia. We live in an Orthodox country. Why are our sanctuary must be worse than abroad? We are the ones who have the money should be involved in these things, to help Orthodox shrines, the money is not given to them idly spend. As long as a job, a business, we give money, "- said the head of" Vodokanalstroya. " In a conversation with the "Fontanka" Agia also added that he was going to visit the celebration of the return of the relics of St. Alexander Nevsky and the 300th anniversary of the monastery, but in a procession along the Nevsky will not be able to go — the path to the Kazan Cathedral to prevent the laurels of past industrial injury received in the mid 90s.

Note that the "Vodokanalstroy" — a permanent contractor and Energy Committee, and the "Water canal". In particular, it was he who was engaged in building the continuation of the main sewer from the Finnish FA to Kantemirovsky street. Prior to the 2000s, the company was the same GUPom, which was responsible for the reconstruction of the city water supply system. Then "Vodokanalstroy" was privatized and is now a closed joint stock company, the register of shareholders which is not publichen. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company Vladimir Agia once headed the same name of the PMU.

Back in April, law enforcement agencies expressed interest in the company : According to investigators, due to overpricing selling prices suppliers’ Vodokanalstroya "was committed theft in the amount of 400 million rubles. The company has purchased foreign equipment through intermediaries — fictitious importers, import of goods into Russia without paying customs duties, ie smuggling.

Xenia Klochkova, "Fontanka"

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