Ostriches. Oleg Vereshchagin

Police revealed details of the operation, during which the Yekaterinburg was detained by a group of pimps who traded child, frame-real time images were shocking proof of guilt — in front of the detention of men spent their time in the company of naked children, and the operation itself was preceded by a test purchases, where the product was 15 year-old child, and he asked for 30,000 rubles.

The footage, taken a few minutes after the arrest of suspects, it is clear that in the apartment, except for adult males are still seven children. All — boys aged 9 to 14 years. [Cut]

Five of the detainees. They were in a state of intoxication — celebrated the birthday of one of the suspects.

As the operational staff OCD, some of the detainees have repeatedly tried, and one of them said that a child is not indifferent to the boys and can not do anything about it.

Lawyer, cop, Auburn, Pavlovich and painter — is not just a nickname detainees. One Indeed caregiver at the orphanage, the other — a lawyer, and a third in the recent past a police officer.

All of them are accused of corruption, human trafficking and involvement in prostitution of minors: "Members of this group have demonstrated to children and porn in every possible way to convince them that this is normal, and urged them to homosexual relationships.

Moreover, the first time is always accompanied by violence. Also threatened that if they refuse, find out about all the parents, or friends ", — says Operations Officer OCD.

All five men were arrested after the so-called control purchase — to take the suspects red-handed operative OCD had to buy them for one of the boys.

And after a few minutes in the apartment appeared SWAT fighters. Most children who have fallen into sexual slavery — from children’s homes, but there are quite normal boys from families.

According to investigators, the provision of sexual services for children are provided with cell phones, money or nice clothes. One of the detainees confessed that in his life and turned away 282 children. While the operatives managed to prove more than twenty episodes.

Excerpted from the website www.channel4.ru


I should add that one of the detainees had hanged himself in a cell (known nit that do to him in jail!), And the "cops" … released on his own recognizance (I did when I heard it, I almost fell off my chair.) He then immediately washed away. Sure.

I do not know whether I have now read my online critic. But I want to bring to his attention: he’s a scoundrel and a bastard. I hope he learns about these my words.

And now — to the point.

I am enraged the word "unconventional oriented." This — perverts. They can not stand the word (quite understandable!), But that does not cease to be perverts. Sick with plague can not be "a little contagious." He fatally contagious.

I admit that some of them do have a sick, just miserable people. There I feel sorry, honestly. But if the patient begins to infect healthy, it is isolated. Are required to isolate it.

And if the patient has a brain and conscience — he himself will not go out. Will sit at home and, forgive me for naturalism, wank face any reproductions of great paintings. I do not mind. It’s a private matter. Really personal.

If the patient goes into the streets, and even deliberately spreads the disease — he is not sick. He is a felon.

And the words that such a "childhood passion for boys and nothing he can do about it," I am led to no more than the words of the man-eater that he and his childhood passion for human flesh.

Someone does not agree with me? Someone again disagrees with me? Someone needs in the parade of homosexuals (and they still hope to spend it on the Red Square!) Column pedophiles?

Show me your rotten face, disagrees. I smashed it. I can choose words for everyone. For blacks, Americans, neighbor Aunt Dasha, to poison a cat from a neighbor aunt Clash. I am a calm person. But everything has a limit.

To them, I do not want to choose words. Do not I wish.

"… The first time is always accompanied by violence." These words pounding in my temples with blood, with a pulse. "Violent." The boys were not sick. They did not want this "love."

They were challenged. They brazenly challenged and prudently. To get the money for them. Then they get used, as it is terrible. Get used to the fact that madly scratching their very nature.

And yet, it seems, is not the end … The photographs rapid shooting they cover their faces. Do not fear as their rapists. Shame. Understand that something terrible has happened. That, perhaps, it is not correct.

But what they do? Orphans? For those who never knew his father? Those who lived on government handouts and did not see the heat? Those who no one has ever explained the meaning of honor, conscience, belief, who only was — fragile and obscure, boyish sense of right and wrong?

Adults, on the gab, a fat wallet, so easy to deal with it …

Defenseless? Defenseless, that’s what’s scary! Defenseless hear you people? It’s in our country!

What are the dollar and the euro, which football and "Star"? What do you think people?

Why do not you come out to the street, not the police beat back these … beings, not tear them to shreds!

Lynching? Yes, let the lynching, yes, I call for a lynching, if the law can not punish evil deserved!

Tomorrow your children can repeat their path and that will also be close to the person powerless mod-ke, knowing that they are not wanted!

Ramshackle house will collapse, explode leaky gas line, drop the old plane — and you will not, and will remain after you orphans. Your son or daughter. What awaits them?

Why was released ghoul named "cop" who drank children’s lives? Who gave the government the right to do?

I’m asking you! I’m a man! I am a citizen of Russia! Answer me, you! Do not you keep quiet!

They did not kill anyone, these critters. But who said that honor — it is cheaper than life?

Remember the word "honor" people? Or forgotten, chasing money? Well — buy them new life, but for hundreds of children from orphanages Ekate-rinburga, for those who are broke, having played as a plastic toy soldiers. Buy it! You can not!. Can not …

Shamil Basayev personally — personally — do not kill, probably a quarter of the number of people owls grown by children in Yekaterinburg. And I certainly did not rape any child.

Everyone was happy when he — no matter how and why! — Sail into hell. But he — a heavenly angel in comparison with such here, living side by side with us … I am not an expert on medieval demonology. But there were those definitions. And the punishment.


Maybe you think this is an isolated case-tea? No. These sporadic cases were in poor Soviet Union, when carried out on each almost a comprehensive inspection of the entire region where this had occurred.

Now it is generally a little more — and it will-children norm, and the streets welling herd "country owls" … A "gay" will be of the conventional. Traditional abomination.

Maybe the end of the world already had. Maybe we missed it in the hustle and bustle in the petty intrigues. After a fall on our land once Star In lyn …

Maybe it has already taken place Judgement.

Maybe we are living in hell.

Maybe we even deserve it.

But the children — the children, for what? Why, Lord, if you have, say?

They are in every city. Not only in the big cities. And brothels — and with girls and bo-chikami, any age, any appearance! — Are in every major city. And not by one.

And no one is not particularly surprised when the police idly reveals another case — five, de es ten, one hundred children. Thousand. Also nothing.

And no surprise that customers are prosecutors, lawyers, businessmen, cultural bo-Monde … And the children themselves are increasingly see this as just a way to earn money.

So what? What else can they do if the state does not need them? If the state can only pain-thief, shoot the breeze on national projects?

I’m not going to bore anyone this time the enumerated cases. Read the newspaper. You can look on the Internet.

Yes, just look around.

Like in America? Sausage like cola, jeans? Nate. Take it. Hawala lentil in hlebku for which sold his birthright.

But do not lie to yourself that you were not warned back then — in the eighties. You have been warned. They said, "If the money — it’s all you ho-Tite, keep in mind: this is all that you will!".

Money. Cell phone. And beautiful clothes. Instead of honor. As for those boys …

There will be children — there is no future. None.

And they will not. They are all less than a nutty world. Because they are just scared to give birth. From the very first seconds of their life is terrible for them. Even after the plague zhih.

Suddenly someone wants to "express themselves" that is, that’s when the boy enters a dark archway yard?

Suddenly someone zacheshetsya "free will" that is, when the girl’s step into the elevator?

To conduct. Rescue. Each! But not all spending. Do not save. Yes, and how to save? Killing scum, how did recently in America a guy who shot two pedophiles?

But the murder you go to jail. You do not let him go under. Do not run across the lawyers explain, ka-tion you are miserable and misunderstood by society. Poteau th kill that we can not — even those who by the human conscience and justice deserved death. And more than once.

Until them, I do not care. But what about the children who passed through their hands? Where there are those who can (and indeed, is it possible?) To cure the soul boys?

Or too late, and hundreds (sotni!!) Guys are not destined to join the ranks of airborne troops, not the workers, not the students — and the series of patients exists, tschaschihsya to prove that they have a right to a disease?

"Russia, where are you rushing, give me an answer? Do not give an answer … "

And yet we want to believe. Maybe there will be a man — a real man, a senior fellow (although, as it will be difficult to believe now!). Maybe a beautiful and loyal girl (they are there!). But someone will have to pull the boys. Each. Be sure to …

…Reason tells me that this is not possible today.

But apart from the mind, there is still the heart. It believes in the goodness. In fairness. In honor. Even if a torsion-d dark and wander around when hunting defenseless, dur-nogolovye ostriches.

Children depend on us. Even if they really want to be (and consider themselves!) Independent. Depend in all things. And when I hear talk of children’s independence, I realize they are the ones who just want to "walk in the wild."

Convince a child that he is — an "independent" (ie, lonely!), "Uncomplexed" (that is, the devil-conscientious!) "Independent" (ie, helpless in the adult world!) — And then take advantage of children’s stupidity.

Fortunately, in this country have long ceased to inspire kindergarten bench, "what is good and what is bad", switching to the theme of tolerance, making money and the fight against terrorism — and the child, even to sixteen years, more often than not is currently most of these concepts — the "good" and "bad."

The bastards of all stripes is easy and convenient to live in such a world …

I repeat: the children are dependent on us. And whoever chi-tence, and this dependence is widely uses — he must suffer punishment. Not a punishment.


But we depend on our children. We will become old. We will surely become old, is this con-nature. Everything. Ya you. And even to seduce the dregs of children (if you survive — I hope not!).

And if today we give up children for raster-The knowledge of all sorts of rubbish — who tomorrow will feed and protect tit us? To whom will face Russia?

Or adherents of free love it does not matter?

Why Russia is literally the "boom" of homosexuality?

1. Blame the widespread poverty of the population

In such circumstances — when you consider how much money is allocated to support homosexuality — for many people (especially children and young people from the street, or those whose parents lost their jobs) engage in homosexuality for the money — and a lot of way to make a quick profit.

By some estimates, one in twenty children (8 to 15 years) in Russia anyway, deserves an perverts!

2. Blame the generous sponsorship from abroad

And then it’s not just that there are a lot of rich perverts, no! Is much more dangerous!

Teach people to homosexuality — means to ensure that fewer children will be born.

After all, even by force is involved in the employ-ment child (and at first he was very nasty and scary!) Gradually gets used, starting locat-dit in this fun, then his mind is irreversibly changing — and … he will never have children, a family, a normal life.

That is, like drugs, beer advertising — homosexuality is directed against the Russian (and not only) weapon in the hands of our rotation-gov!

3. Acquiescence of the authorities to blame

What can I say, except that our government — the selling power, and if the pay is good, head of the Centre, it will allow children gladiator fights, but in slezavtra — literally oblige to give all citizens the drugs …

It’s all about the amount of money in bribes.

4. Apathy to blame society

While it does not specifically someone — and that someone does not scratch his (although, in fairness, it must be said that the number of actions against homosexuals, or simply reprisals against them is growing slowly. Wonder many seized by the police, after all ITATION deviants end up with co-fight — but would not go to jail …)

Compared to the mid 80-ies of XX-ka ve grown up:

odetskaya addiction — to 40-fold.

odetsky syphilis — 70 times.

ofunktsionalnaya illiteracy children (Neum-tion understand written, with the ability to pro-honor) — up to 120 times.

oobychnaya illiteracy children — 10 times.

odetskaya crime — up to 25 times.

odetsky alcoholism — up to 19 times.

odetskoe slavery and the exploitation of child labor in those days did not exist at all — at least not on such a scale to compare with today.

Information about how to become much more cases of sexual abuse of children, I have not found it. But I suspect that we are talking about tens of thousands of times.

Does the government not realize that oc-sume its spread (and not only this!) Can only be punitive methods?

Really hoping again to reach some kind of "consensus" or somehow re-pe-dofilov?

If it believes in it — it means that it is composed of idiots, and it has nothing to do with power.

If it does not believe it — and still are not accepted any measures, the more it means he has nothing to do with power, because it consists of the indignant s.

One of the two. Or — or.

Remember, homosexuality — is a contagious disease. What’s more — it sick people actively seek to infect others and enjoy the support of the authorities.

So stay away from them and keep them away from your children! When is torture such people to make contact — not stopped by to physical violence to prevent it!

I will say that I dumped a bunch of sheets of homosexuals, pedophiles, and that, I do not understand the problem … But I do not want to understand it. On-Voznaya stinking pile — it is sweetsmelling dung-heap of tea. Perverts — and there are perverts. That’s it.


And finally — after a little emo-tions.

When I was doing sketches for one of his books, I was told the terrible news.

The son of one of my favorite poets Andrew Belyanina (he is known more as a science fiction writer, but for me it is primarily high-stucco poet!), 13-year-old Ivan, the hero of the book "The Age of Sacred Skiminoka", died in his home in Astrakhan .

His snared own classmate — in an abandoned warehouse, where already under-Gide senior, 21-year-old brother. Ivan wanted for the kidnapping for ransom — 100000-lion dollars.

But the kidnapping was not possible — the boy has had a violent and — alas! — Hopeless resistance of an adult male. Then he was killed.

A few days later the kidnappers were arrested. The elder of the brothers gave 18 years of junior Chille placed in a special school.

Ivan Belyanina died.

Killers were caught.

The real culprits, as always, went on to Punishment …

Yes, gone! For the real culprits — those who are inspired by movies, magazines and rag, advertising, atmosphere prevailing around that you can earn 100,000 dollars by stealing classmates-nick.

The real culprits — the ones who inspired two-dtsatiletnemu the man, that can kill a child for 100,000 nasty green pieces of paper … yes let a million, a hundred million!

The real culprits — the ones who destroyed my world. The world in which I grew up. The world in which I was led to believe that killing can only protect Patriotic No., yourself, friends and loved ones.

They announced these motives "nationalism" and "savagery"! But instead they gave our children the idea that you can kill — for the money! But one can sell themselves — for the money! Everything is possible — for the sake of money!

I return to my thirteenth birthday. We fought. We even enmity. But if my one-grader called me with you — or I did! — We were not thinking about what we can steal.

And I am ready to bow at the feet of the Soviet authorities for having had to grow up with her and my mom Photo handy just to admire the fact, which has a beautiful, healthy son.

She did not walk with her on the transmission and editorial-pits newspapers, asking for help to find her boy. She is in the head and could not come, because the terrible tales of cannibals and child abductors — it’s only the fairy tale. In life, they had no place.

And now — a very early age, we both begin to teach their children to fear. Afraid of elevators, dark alleys, strange people. To be afraid of unfamiliar and incomprehensible.

But is this life? This cell …

We teach them to be afraid and think that we are saving them.

No. We ruin them. Frightened with their first free-conscious days, the child caught in the work-ing position, faint: "This is it!". And the victim is obedient — perfect for these.

It’s hard not to be frightened militant terrorist broke into the school. It is terrible when running (like E-mo, and all of a sudden?) On the street hefty rotw-ler.

Too scared to fight. But fear slastolyu-bivogo bastard that he shies away (so far) from every shadow!. It’s demeaning, even for a child.

And you have to make it, they were afraid to enter the elevators and a gate at the same time on-Shimi children. That they were afraid the children ap-huddle! No way!

Let indulge with each other, how to please-no. Let the stew in their stinking juice.

But go up to my (and others’, and to the peo-Bom!) Child — kill you, bitch. The Lord is not that simple — to bless.

I introduced myself 12-14-year old. If I got into this situation? Well, hypothetically, all of a sudden? Do not talk, do not scare (that’s really figure!), So the power to deal with me was quite possible …

And that’s what I’ll tell you. I would not, nor has anyone complain — out of a sense of shame and fear.

But at the next meeting with the good uncle I would have come with a screwdriver in the hole. And the world would have become a little clearer. And would have done so all my friends of the then-.

So I advise you to do the boys and maidens Csonka on which their eye "ostriches." If you wish to remain human beings — the only way, and not otherwise!

And no one can convince me that it is — an offense.

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