Other country. Russia 11 years later …

I do not know what else you can cover it. About the growth of the industry I’m talking about, but this is only one aspect, on the other, too obvious, a marked improvement. I think that the enemies of Russia, as otherwise their name well, not if they are in denial, there is only one argument, "I would have done even better." But this is not serious, and probably thinks Putin is currently analyzing the hindsight, he thinks, "damn, but could do better here, and here." But when the front of the unknown, and you are holding a huge country and a huge responsibility, that less is more.
I’m thinking to write a pamphlet "Putin, the results" as-Milovskaya Nemtsov, only without juggling, absolutely objective and well thought-out. And giving away the metro. And not for the sake of public relations Putin, it’s not a specific person, this is not really necessary for the sake of it, it is necessary for the sake of Russia, people need to see the progress that would have to believe in the future. But without faith in waking, they will not work for the future in the present. Understand Finally, I do not care about the person, and the main thing here is not what is Putin did, and praise him, no, it is important that my motherland got out of the asses which hit, and that it has a future. I move forward and achieve a PR, not individuals. 
And I believe that if every person in Russia believe in their country, will see this progress, see the dynamics and prospects will understand what he might have done and what we all escaped, will understand that Russia is on the right path, it will give the country a huge extra boost. Just like that, on its own, without any new laws, programs and reforms. Just now Now if people see it, the country will jerk forward with three times the energy. We then turn back the mountain! 
And my goal, my goal is to help open this energy, which is now sleeping in my nation, defeat apathy, to light in people dream and hope. And then the bad will be the one who will get in the way. 

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