Our Air Force reconnaissance mission in Sweden

Our favorite Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet continues to tear the veils from the Russian action in Sweden and the inaction of their own military. At this time the crafty Russian had sent spy plane IL-20, which under the guise of third-country aircraft, flying along the "ribbon" territorial waters, collecting sensitive information. Here‘s a map: 

Managed to raise the Gripen or not — is not clear, but even if you have time — he could not catch up with the ultra-modern Russian aircraft. Here is the sketch:

The events took place on April 20. On this day, as in the days that followed, as we are told by various experts, the whole world was preparing to hold a straight line with Putin’s people. In particular, the Swedish military post exercise conducted in the U.S., Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania — about 1,400 participants. The newspaper claims that it was the largest such exercise.

We continue to monitor developments.

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