Our and your fathers and mothers: On raped German women and Polish

Russian anti-Semites and the Barbarians

The main German TV channel ZDF showed the series "Our mothers, our fathers" of the Second World War, the people rebelled in Eastern Europe. Poland was accused of anti-Semitism, the peoples of the Soviet Union — in collaboration with the Nazis and the atrocities committed in its territory and states of Germany. The true victims of World War II Wehrmacht soldiers are defending their homeland, the soldiers who fought with the Polish anti-Semitism and the Soviet barbarism.

Well, it seems, the EU needs its own version of the story that suits, especially the leading country of big European UnionGermany. We can not allow satellites like Greece or Cyprus could throw in the face of a bloody reminder of the recent past. This threatens the legitimacy of the existence of German domination.

Long history of trying to use the wheel as a propaganda machine. It is doubtful that without the blessing of the "elder brothers" in the European Union were possible SS marches in the Baltic. The Germans still can not afford it, but the format feature films, seems to have been chosen as the optimum for the formation of public opinion.

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