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Irbitsky Motozavod decided to completely stop selling vehicles in Russia, betting on other countries. Motorcycle Party prepares for Australia.
Executive Director Irbitskogo motozavod is both happy and sad. Motorcycles "Ural" is available in nearly all the major countries of the world: England, New Zealand and Japan. Only Russia is not listed.

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"We are probably the only manufacturer that sells abroad motorcycle with a sidecar. Buyers are very versatile. There are millionaires. Here’s an actor McGregor, by the way, we bought a motorcycle. Completely different buyer. In general, 35 and older, "- says CEO Irbitskogo motorcycle factory Vladimir kurmach.

In the video, which is sent to the plant from the United States (Connecticut), it is seen as a snow-white "Ural" on the trailer transports BMW SUV. Basically, America and takes Irbitskoi motorcycles. For overseas buyers Russian tales is not the main means of transportation, but rather fun. "Our bike is already in the XXI century has remained in retro style. Did not make a new design, new types of it. He’s just as if descended from the 50s. There is a special category of amateur riders who like this style, "- said the director of the State Museum of motorcycles Irbitskogo Alexander Bulanov.

Price from 250 to 320 thousand rubles for a foreign buyer — not so much money. But the Russian market, the price tag is comparable to the cost of the machine, was the verdict of the company, the only one in the country to keep the serial production motorcycles.

History of the motorcycle "Ural" in Irbite began in 1941 when, during the war here was evacuated to Moscow motorcycle factory. Peak production was in the 70s of the last century. Then there are going to 130,000 motorcycles a year. Now this figure has dropped to 1 thousand.

"Ural" is, of course, is still popular in Irbite. Here only those who are younger, prefer not to buy new and remodel old. Biker Sergei Lezhnyov trial run of a motorcycle, which was only from the previous engine. "On the" Ural "himself skating in the winter. It happens that the warm weather — dreary, boring. Take — rent. A Japanese worth waiting for the heat, it just does not go in the winter ", — says Sergey Lezhnyov biker.

Of the minimum selling in the factory yet learned how to benefit. The assembly is no longer conveyor and manual. What is also appreciated abroad. And for this reason, on the "Ural" is known far beyond the Urals.

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