Our faucets have better Chinese

"Baltkran" won the tender, which was also attended and Chinese companies on the bridge crane 63/10t, with a span of 40m. The crane is designed for the transportation of metal sheets, rolled up in rolls, heated to a temperature of +400′ C. The crane is equipped with a hook, but can also work with the load handling mechanisms: the ticks carrying capacity of 30t, 55t and an electromagnet.

Operating temperature in the area of the crane reaches +75′ C. In order to protect against heat all the mechanisms of the crane cab and machine hidden in the closed span beams. The construction and crane cab fitted with special protection.

Cab crane moves along the flight path of the beam through its own mechanism of movement, regardless of the trolley.

Centralized lubrication system eliminates the need for a crane to lubricate each node by hand, and anti-collision system, installed on the crane, provides secure trouble-free operation.

Motor control is made on the basis of frequency converters — it provides a smooth ride, safety, and energy savings when moving the crane, lifting and lowering.

Installation of the tap will be carried out by experts of technical service "Baltkran."

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