Our people in Syria. Stroytransgas completed the next phase of the project GPP g -1 in Damascus

Against the backdrop of escalating tensions in Syria, the activities of the Russian company is respected. Such action, not multiple sessions of "friends" of Syria, lead the country out of its crisis imposed.

Stroytransgas in Syria is working since 2000 to date, implemented the contracts for the construction of the "Arab Gas Pipeline" with the length of 319 km and a gas processing plant number 1 (South Middle Area Gas Exploitation Project) — GPZ-1. In 2005 he won the Stroytransgas Syrian Gas Company conducted an international tender for the construction of gas processing plant in the southern central part of the Syrian Arab Republic. The contract for the project was concluded on terms EPC, including engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of gas processing plant in operation. The plant was commissioned in 2009 The plant capacity is 2.2 billion m³ / year of purified gas, 23,000 tons / year of liquefied propane-butane and 234,000 m³ / year of gas condensate.

Stroytransgas, incidentally arranged the site wells and installed separators for preliminary gas treatment at 3 fields: Abo Rabah, N. Al Faid and Qomqom, to build a pipeline from the wells at the field to the separators and to the gas plant, made a tie-in to the existing gas and oil pipelines, build flyovers for liquefied gas tanker.

According to the contract from the date the GPP-1 into operation during the year Stroytransgas the guarantee, later, at the request of the Syrian side the company has continued to provide maintenance services for the object. To date Stroytransgas completed the delivery of spare parts for the GPP-1 in its entirety, ensuring reliable operation of the facility in the future.

The activities of STG in Syria continues on the 3rd site. This GPP-2.

Construction of GPP-2 Stroytransgas leads according to the contract signed with the Syrian Gas Company in 2007.

Gas processing plant is also being built under the EPC — a contract, in the central region of the Syrian Arab Republic, 75 km south-east of Mr. Al-Raqqa and 205 km east of Mr. Homs, in an area full of large hydrocarbon deposits. Performance GPZ-2 will be 1.3 billion m³ / year of purified gas, 41,600 tons / year of liquefied propane-butane and 136,200 m³ / year of gas condensate. Stroytransgas under contract to take part in the regeneration of deposits West Twinan, Al Gour, East Al Akram, and Al Harith.

The complex of the engineering and procurement (the organization of production and supply of equipment, provision of services, etc.) as well as on the GPP-1 performs STG Engineering, "daughter" STG.

Makarov said that "despite the difficulties currently facing the company, we do not intend to minimize the work in Syria. Currently Stroytransgas continues to provide technical assistance for the first ILI and continues to build a second (GPP). In Syria, operates a special system of security measures aimed at preserving the life and health of our employees. In this, we are actively helping the Syrian side in the face of the customer — the Syrian Gas Company (Syrian Gas Company) — and government security forces. "

For the curious, said that the company owns a controlling G.Timchenko.

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