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Biathlon. 2009 World pricked our ski home — 13.02.09 8:43 — TEXT: Maxim Domchev Photo: ITAR-TASS [img = http://www.funportal.info/smiles/smile70.gif] Catherine St. George, Albina Akhatova and Dmitri Yaroshenko left Pyeongchang after the doping test B was positive. Now the entire trio will be disqualified. On Friday, at a press conference, representatives of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) announced the results of the investigation in the biathlon doping scandal and named three representatives of Russia, which will now be disqualified. As expected, it is the leader of the World Cup Catherine St George (pictured), Albina Akhatova and Dmitri Yaroshenko, who had already gone home. [Cut] Nezavimo of the period of ineligibility — two (until December of 2010) or four (until December of 2012), the Ahatova, St. George‘s and Yaroshenko will miss the Olympics in 2010, not only in Vancouver, but in 2014 in Sochi. The Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) meeting on 8 June 2008 adopted a rule, athletes disqualified for any anti-doping rule violation for a period exceeding six months, will not be able to participate not only in the Olympic Games, which are included in the period of ineligibility, but also in the next two Olympics (including summer and winter), following the end of the period of disqualification. And during the Winter Games in 2018, Dmitry Yaroshenko and Albina Akhatova will be 41 years old, and Catherine St George — 34 years. Vice-President of the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) Alexander Tikhonov promised after the World Cup thoroughly understand all the details of the doping scandal and punish those responsible. Albina Ahatova "team, nothing extraordinary happens. Three athletes we sent home, unfortunately. It is too early to draw any conclusions, we will do them when they return home. Yesterday we held good conversations with those who will be performing at the championship. I believe that all they have coped with this situation adequately, and I wish them luck — quoted Tikhonov TC "Sport". — We will, as always, late to react … I’ve said many times, including at the board meeting of Rossport, we have a problem, but it fell on deaf ears. After the end of the season, we will draw conclusions and all those involved in this case, should be severely punished. " Coffee is not saved from artisanal doping analysis of the B sample confirmed the presence of performance-enhancing drugs in two of the three Russian biathletes were convicted of a prohibited drug. Their names will be announced on February 13, the South Korean Pyeongchang. In this … After the official announcement of the discovery of doping in Russian Biathlon IBU President Anders Besseberg commented on the incident. "We are faced with the systematic use of performance-enhancing drugs on a large scale in one of the strongest teams in the world — quoted Besseberg AP. — Now either we caught all offenders, or it is just the tip of the iceberg. There is no excuse for not caught athletes and the people responsible for what happened. " A disciplinary hearing committee IBU into the discovery of doping in Russian biathletes Catherine St George, Albina Akhatova and Dmitri Yaroshenko begin as soon as the union goes full package of documents from the laboratory in Lausanne, according to an official press release IBU. The description of each test consists of approximately 200 pages and will go to the Commission within two weeks. Then IBU Commission within seven days will hold hearings with each athlete to decide on the punishment of actors of the process. Commission to review the case will be assigned to the executive board of IBU. RBU president Mikhail Prokhorov said the need for systemic transformation SBR and proanonsiroval held in the near future special conference of the RRF. "SBR certainly support all measures related to the fight against illicit drugs and methods in sport and intends to conduct a thorough internal investigation into the circumstances of the incident — quoted Prokhorov agency" Ves Sport ". — SBR officially states that in relation to convicted under Disciplinary Rules of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) and SBR, the Code of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), IBU Anti-Doping Rules will apply the most stringent measures. " "This situation has once again shown that the work of the Russian Biathlon Union needs a systemic overhaul. Our country is on the right is one of the leaders of the world biathlon. We were always focused attention. That’s why we have to be perfect in everything that concerns the organization of our work. In the near future we are going to take some serious action on the reorganization of the RRF in line with current realities — the president continued RRF. — In the near future, the RRF is planning to hold an extraordinary conference of the Russian Biathlon Union, which will put a number of questions that require rapid decisions. " A special press conference was held in South Korea’s Pyeongchang at eight in the morning Moscow time. It was attended by IBU President Anders Besseberg, Secretary General Nicole Resch and several other officials, according to "All Sport". As previously said Resch, "the names and nationality of the athletes will be made public only if the results of the control samples confirm the A Sample B". If the B sample will be negative, IBU will not disclose details of the investigation, "to protect the athletes." But on Thursday it became known that the B sample also gave no consolation for the Russians result. Dmitry Yaroshenko Recall that the IBU February 3, officially announced the positive doping test A number of athletes. In accordance with the code of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) the names and nationalities of the athletes were not made public, but in the press reported that the samples belong to including Russian biathletes. Later it was confirmed by the officials of national sports. Following this, on February 8 IBU suspended from performances in all official competitions Biathlon suspected of using performance-enhancing drugs until the results of the autopsy samples B. On Saturday in PyeongChang will start the World Cup, where the Russian team will have to do without these athletes. But St. George and Ahatova held in the World Cup high places — Catherine was in the lead, and Albina was in the top ten. As for Marxism, its results, despite the use of performance-enhancing drugs, this year was just awful. Russian biathletes have found erythropoietin (EPO), as was stated in the notice of the positive samples IBU A. However, the EPO is not a classic, and handicrafts made in Russia. He has some differences, and that these were associated with non-compliance "templates" — in particular, the intensity of the bands isoforms. In the Russian Biathlon Union will set up a special commission to investigate the doping scandal. It will include representatives of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RusADA), specialists in sports medicine and sports law. "We understand and put things in order" — so the Commission outlined the objectives of one of its members. Meanwhile, the coach of the Swedish biathlon German Wolfgang Pichler is planning to launch an appeal to the International Biathlon Union (IBU) to dismiss the entire Russian national team to participate in the World Championships. IBU but has no plans to raise the question. 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