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Prosecution: Spouses of spyware Anshlag real name Alexander and Olga

The names of Andreas and Heidrun full house, who appeared before a court in Stuttgart on charges of spying for Russia are Alexander and Olga, and their underground name was Pete and Tina, a court spokesman said the Prosecutor General of Germany Wolfgang Sigmund.

The prosecution believes that the names of Andreas and Heidrun Full House, as well as the maiden name of Freud, are part of their legend. No relation to reality, and data about their biographies that spouse more than 20 years ago have provided in obtaining Austrian citizenship, passes RIA "Novosti".

In Germany, the alleged spies were in the Austrian passports. They were issued in the name of Andreas Full House, born in 1959, native of the Argentine city of Valentin Alsina, and Heidrun Full House (nee Freud), who was born in 1965 in Lima.

According to Sigmund, the interrogation after his arrest in October 2011, the head of the family said that he had moved to Mexico at the age of six years old and lived there until the late 1980s. "That’s not true. This is confirmed by the Mexican authorities. Prior to 1984, he studied at the School of the KGB, "- said the prosecutor.

He added that the Heidrun Full House "is a native of Peru, just as much as her husband — a native of Argentina."

The assumption regarding real names of the defendants made after studying the consequence of their personal belongings. In particular, we are talking about one of the photographs, which are made in the mid-1990s and was given to spouses of their friends. On the back there is a signature that the photo is meant "Ole and Sasha." In addition, the representative of the prosecution in the course of the investigation have been installed underground name of alleged spies: Pete and Tina. Their real names unknown to investigators.

On Tuesday, the prosecution made in the Supreme Court of the land in Stuttgart with a closing speech. Her announcement took about 4.5 hours. At the next meeting, scheduled for June 25, will deliver a final speech protection, and July 2 to be sentenced.

Andreas and Heidrun Full House demandedsentenced to seven and a half and four and a half years in prison, respectively, and a fine of 500 million euros.

Earlier it was reported that the couple wanted to exchange full house at the former FSB colonel who worked for the CIA and German intelligence secrets of the submitter, butRussia has refused to exchange.

Aboutdetentionalleged Russian intelligence agents was first reported Oct. 22, 2011 (self-arrest occurred Oct. 18). According to the documents "spies" are from Latin America with Austrian passports issued in 2008. However, it later emerged that the couple sold-outare citizens of Russia.

According to media reports, Andreas and Heidrun Full House engaged in intelligence activities for more than 25 years andpassed the Foreign Intelligence ServiceRussia hundreds of documents, mainly on NATO.

Also featured in the press information, the couple sold-outcould cooperatewith the current president, Vladimir Putin early in his career.

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