Our war in Syria continues. And we are slowly winning

April 13, 2013 Alexander Gorbenko

First — paragraph officialdom. In the Mediterranean Sea are the new ships of the Russian Navy. Troop ships of the Northern Fleet as part of a large anti-submarine ship (BPK) "Severomorsk", rescue tug "Altai" and tanker "Dubna", passed the Suez Canal. Northern Fleet completed their anti-piracy watch and now join the permanent grouping of our fleet in the Mediterranean. A little earlier from the Pacific Ocean was sent a detachment of ships as part of a large anti-submarine ship "Admiral Panteleev", two large amphibious ships (BDK) "Relight" and "Admiral Nevel," tanker "Pechenga" and salvage tug "Photios Krylov." They will practice combat interaction with ships of other navies. This is done in the framework of the new permanent task force in the Mediterranean. Furthermore,One of the main challenges for the Pacific Fleet amphibious ships will be the delivery of goods to the Syrian port of Tartus.This isITAR-TASSthe Main Staff of the Navy.

…Thus, we finally stopped shy of the obvious fact that the constant shuttle service to our amphibious ships to Syria have the character not only of educational campaigns or friendly visits, but they also have other objectives. And it does not matter what kind of goods we consider it necessary to bring in Syria — they go on board the ships of the Navy, and it is impossible to check or prevent delivery to the destination. Last year, our opponents on the Syrian conflict could block the delivery of goods civilian freighter "Alaid." It was openly hostile act, which, however, did not lead to the desired result opponents — Russia has not abandoned its policy in the Syrian conflict, but only made of this incident right conclusions. Now it will be difficult to stop, because any attempt to prevent the actions of our fleet will mean open conflict. And opponents — and that the U.S. and NATO — prefer to put up with our policy. Strictly speaking, therefore permanent Russian BDK flights to Syria Western media prefer to ignore, does not make them the main news and sensationalism. This once again proves how the Western media and are dependent only policy tool. After all, when you can not make a difference — this is better to keep quiet so that no one knew about your impotence. And they keep quiet.

The French president is out — perhaps he did not give rest on the laurels of its predecessor difficult path "running ahead of the engine." At the end of March, he said that "the Russian embargo violates that supply weapons to Bashar al-Assad." The representative of our Foreign Ministry replied that, yes, we supply, but under contracts signed before the start of the war. In this case, could the new and, as a unilateral embargo the European Union we have absolutely nothing to do. A League of Arab States, for example, at the recent summit allowed the member countries of this organization to supply weapons to terrorists legally, and not, as is done now — unofficially. They are not members of the European Union — can. So are we. Shipping only within the framework of the old contract on our part — pure good will, not to escalate the situation. Want, conclude new ones, and no one will notice — we have the right. Go and check that there is on board the BDK? So why blame the fact that you can not prove or change?

However, Hollande had to cancel it is the embargo, which prevents some European countries to legally supply of militants. Illegally — care is provided, but in the face of this "help" anyone until prodded. However, the European embargo, which expires in May, is likely to be prolonged, and legal supplies of terrorists from the Europeans will not. Angela Merkel gave it quite clearly understand when commented on the French and English as: "The desire of both countries to lift the embargo does not mean that everyone else should follow them." So, common sense has not yet finally left Europe.

I must say that it is now a number of countries raises the question of the recognition of the Syrian opposition — the legal representative of the State in the world. More recently, they have recognized the League of Arab States (LAS) and some countries, including France, Britain and Estonia. Now will try dragging them to the UN. Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, has said that Russia will strongly resist attempts to take the place of the Syrian opposition official Damascus at the UN: "UN — an intergovernmental organization. You can not just take her seat in the opposition groups that have not been due process legitimacy. " Similarly, the spoken and the deputy head of the Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahiyan: "We are categorically against the international membership of the unknown and tiny groups." Nevertheless, expect a certain diplomatic efforts in this direction. Such attempts will be simply a mockery of the principles of democracy, the triumph of which in Syria allegedly defending European countries. In contrast, Bashar al-Assad and the current government, the opposition were not elected by the people and did not pass any election procedures — they are nominated by their patrons and sponsors. And therefore they can not represent their country, but only those most patrons.

Why the substitution of legitimate authority on puppet of external forces — is understandable. Supply terrorist weapons will not look good. And so — and do not like the terrorists, and decent people — look, they even recognized Estonia! And that’s why so zealously push arms? After all treated the same as long as the supply of illegal?

At the legalization of arms supply for several reasons. Our Western critics say that "the Syrian conflict has come to a standstill." From the point of view of promoting the interests of the West in this conflict — indeed it is. Terrorists not only failed to topple the legitimate authority, but did not even make out any major military success. In reality they are only capable of acts of terrorism. Protraction of the conflict, which is on a plan would lead to fatigue and exhaustion of the Syrian people’s will to resist — leads to the opposite result. Tired of the endless defeats militant groups themselves. Split in their ranks became too obvious after the rejection of the Free Syrian Army so-called "head of government" Ghassan Hitti, a number of clashes between local groups and foreign fighters, and even a few groups go to the government side.

Now terrorist groups are numerous channels of supply and financing, due to irregular shape of these flows. This situation does not contribute to the integrity of the forces opposed to legitimate authority. It allows the most diverse groups to thrive and to solve their own problems. The interests of these groups are often in conflict, and increasingly lead to infighting instead of a common goal — the overthrow of the government, which they are required by sponsors. And the longer the war lasts — the less unity in the opposition camp, the less it is controllable. Suffering permanent damage from government forces, the rebels prefer to imitate violent activities in order to receive funding. And the struggle for the sponsorship only exacerbates internal contradictions.

Conflicts between groups facilitated by the fact that they have different goals. Militants local gangs (mainly belonging to the so-called Free Syrian Army — PAS) want to get the power, if not in the whole country, at least in part. While for newcomers militants international terrorist internati
onal war — just a way of existence, and Syria — a foreign country, with all the consequences for the population. And now — the shootings and clashes between gangs have become commonplace. For example, attempts to PAS leader Riyadh al-Asaad, all observers are not uniquely associated with the actions of government intelligence services, and on the showdowns between the CCA and the group "Frente al-Nusra." This is confirmed by preceding the militants refused to recognize PAS as their leader Ghassan Hitti, which is just a radical Islamic International and U.S. intelligence agencies, not local forces.

Some local groups in search of allies are beginning to wake up to the side of the legitimate authority. Others, tired of the endless defeats, begin to think about negotiating and getting some share of the local government in exchange for loyalty to the center.

Legalization and, therefore, centralization of the flow of money and weapons theoretically should contribute to the consolidation of the anti-government forces around the source of money and weapons. However, in reality such a development is hard to believe. First, the legalization of terrorists as legitimate representatives of Syria will not allow Russia. A formal delivery of weapons to the rebels will also help legitimate official Syrian government. And who will benefit from it — still a big question. Secondly, it is difficult to agree on the subjects of supply fighters it is no secret that the main flow of aid to terrorists coming from the Persian Gulf monarchies. And they have their puppets, which Syria itself — strangers, even for local terrorists. Trying to concentrate resources supply around them may not lead to the consolidation of the opposition forces, and to their final delimitation.

In addition, the longer the war lasts, the harder it is to maintain the Western media in the virtual image of the "murderous regime" and "fair fighters" with him. Deceive can be long, but the longer, the more facts would conflict with reality. It is increasingly difficult to explain to the average man, that some terrorist attacks — is evil, and the other — the fight for democracy. Especially when you consider that in the decade of "fighting terrorism" western inhabitant already accustomed to the image of the extremist-terrorist — the enemy of all "civilized society". Now, exactly the same way (and exactly the same people) are trying to present a "fair fighters." These rotations can be brought to the man in the street of mental illness, or, even worse — to distrust the propaganda machine.

This is compounded by the invasion of reality and himself a cozy little world of narrow-minded, which is a contradiction of propaganda and reality only increases. Are beginning to return home (who to rest, and who does) those bandits who themselves live in the "civilized world." And it turns out that the power of the "civilized world" did not meet their flowers and gifts. They are not so naive as to believe their own propaganda. And now an American citizen, Eric Harrun, who returned from Syria after the "fight against the bloody regime" is not a hero, a dangerous terrorist suspects under investigation. On the bench straight from the plane gets 29-year-old resident of Israel (the Arab village of Taibeh) Hikmat Masraua — he also fought for "freedom from Syria’s bloody regime." While in Israel naive people a little, but on the western inhabitant such news is sobering. When the same people are "fighters" as long as they are there, and terrorists when they return home — a time to reflect that of the two states of one man is the truth and what is hype?

All these changes in the situation — not a dead end, but on the contrary — the first positive signs that may lead to termination of the Syrian conflict. But this, of course, from the point of view of reality, not fairy tales about the "fighters". But from the point of view of the success of the efforts of the West — yes, completely stumped all policies and signs of its imminent failure. Something must be done. And the most stupid way — to try to give the rebels more weapons and money. Suddenly start fighting better? Do not laugh — Hollande seems to think that it will.

Nevertheless, the situation begins to turn in the right direction. And this is not only the merit of Syrian armed forces still fighting the terrorists, but also our country. Russia is not only blocking a UN resolution sponsors idiotic war, not only assists the military (of course, only under old contracts), military-technical (of course, only the service previously supplied equipment) and assistance to military advisers. We help break the information blockade of Syria, and our voice — the voice of common sense. And common sense will triumph over any virtual reality distortion. Our fleet, a constant presence in the Mediterranean Sea, the West has made it impossible usual "bombing for democracy." And clearly demonstrated that we are prepared to defend its position, not only statements of diplomats. This is our war. And the actions of our country in this war almost for the first time allow her to be proud of.

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