Our wheels are certified by successfully w / d U.S.

EVRAZ NTMK successfully passed the next phase of the certification track for North American railroads. After laboratory tests with high quality products has been confirmed by committee Association of American Railroads, and then the North American Registry of certification of railway transport has issued a certificate to supply the mill test batch of wheels.

To obtain a permanent certificate to go through the mill operational testing of railway wheels. For this EVRAZ NTMK send a trial batch production — 32,000 units — to the test in North America. The wheels are mounted on wagons. The condition of the test — the absence of comments to the wheels during the run of 500 thousand kilometers.

"Mastering the market for North American railroads — the strategic objective for EVRAZ NTMK. Thanks to the reconstruction of the mill and the introduction of new technology we have the ability to send products to the U.S. and European markets"- Said vice-president of Eurasia, the head of Division Documents of the rail car.

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