Outdoor-displays Mediavisor for the Historical Museum

In the arch of the State Historical Museum (Red Square, 1) — the largest national museum of Russian history — has two outdoor display manufactured by a Russian company "Mediavizor" diagonal image from 82 ".

The displays have a resolution of Full HD, the brightness of the display — 600 nit.






The displays are designed for heavy-duty use. Design of displays designed.


From the point of view of ease of maintenance and reliability, the principal was the use of a closed ventilation system, which guarantees the missing of outside air into the unit, which is a protection against contamination. The displays can operate in any weather, to meet the standard of protection IP-65.



The need for this kind of visual display products is increasing. The museum incorporates the industry is not by accident that is the technology — to promote and draw attention to the needs of such exposures carrier that by working on the street, could at the same time demonstrate a high quality image, comfortable perceived as a long-range and short range.

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