Outdoor-horizontal display 70 from the company Mediavizor

Russian company "Mediavizor" designed and built a unique outdoor display 70 "c horizontal position of the screen (landscape orientation).

This orientation of the image is extremely rare for outdoor-displays. In the world there are only a few companies that can offer a stand-alone display with horizontal.
Outdoor display 70 "from" Mediavizor "made on the basis of a special liquid crystal module and has an extremely high brightness (2000 nit) and static contrast ratio of 2500:1, the resolution of Full HD. Displays operate at temperatures ranging from -35 to +35 degrees Celsius match protection class IP65.

For the protection of non-reflective glass screen using a triplex. Cooling of the display is in a closed cycle without using outside air, whereby the system does not require maintenance.

Displays the model have already found their way into Russia. In particular, the displays are installed in the Moscow State Historical-Architectural and Natural Landscape Reserve.

The potential scope of the same street LCD-displays, obviously, is much broader. In the first place — it’s air and rail transport. The latter, despite the trend of increased competition in the industry, while not paying much attention LCD-technology, even though she, unlike the LED, can effectively demonstrate not only schedules, but also a full-fledged dynamic advertising services can greatly assist in the development and support of image of the company. Note that as the second most important mission of Railways indicated http://eng.rzd.ru/statice/public/rzdeng?STRUCTURE_ID=4223 stimulation of total generic competition.



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