Over the past year in Ukraine was built nearly 11 million square meters housing



At the end of 2012 in Ukraine built 10.75 million square meters of housing. It is the largest volume in 19 years. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister of UkraineAlexander Vilkul, betrays the press service of the deputy prime minister.

According to the committee, the most close to this performance was demonstrated in 2007 and 2008, prior to the global economic crisis. Then were built 10.2 and 10.5 million square meters of housing, respectively. And in 2009 this figure had fallen by 40% and amounted to only 6.4 million square meters.

Since 2010, growth has been restored housing market. The volume of commissioned housing in 2010 was 9.3 million square meters, and in 2011 — 9.7 million

In 2012, in Ukraine, the number of construction projects, commissioned amounted to 112,856, which is more than two times higher compared with 2011.

As head of the Ministry of Regional Development Gennady Temnik, according to preliminary results in January 2013, and put into operation more than 2 million square meters housing.

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