Over Vydubitskaya bus station in Kiev, built a new bridge

South-Western Railway opened on August 7 trains on the new railway bridge over Vydubitskaya bus station, which is part of Project rail-road bridge across the Dnieper River in Kiev.

The press service of the South-Western Railway. 

Work on the construction of the railway bridge were carried out for the State Budget of Ukraine and South-Western Railway. The total cost of the construction of a railway bridge over Vydubitskaya bus station without the imposition of work on heating systems and other communications at almost 255 million USD.

Construction was carried out in 2006. According to calculations, the new bridge will improve the capacity of the area Kiev — Moscow — Darnica. Length of over 700 meters of building, its construction was used for more than 5 million tons of steel. "If earlier the trains passed in two ways, now we have four of them will be, thanks to this capacity of our infrastructure has doubled," — said the head of South-Western Railway Alex Krivopishin.

In preparation for the construction was carried out removal of built-up area of heat networks, which provide warmth central part of the city. The works were carried out in interheating period, which allowed to build new communication without disturbing the normal rhythm of life of the inhabitants of the capital.

In particular, the development area was made about 3 km of communication lines, about 15 km of different energy systems. In addition, the railroad built a little new supply chain — 4 heating duct feeding the central part of the city. Constructed drainage system and rain water drainage, built a new network (22 km), sewerage and water supply (2.5 km), power grids 10 and 35 kW (12 km).

Takeaway utilities South Western Railway has spent 180 million USD.

Recall that in the construction of rail-road bridge across the Dnieper River in Kiev, and approaches to include rail-road bridge (with two six-lane roads and vehicular traffic), railway trestle right bank and left bank of approaches, highway interchange at the intersection with the highway on the right Naddniprianske coast, highway interchange with the Dnieper embankment on the left bank, the road along the railroad tracks through Kharkov overpass in the direction of the station Darnica moving into the street. Landside.

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