Overcome perseverance and the will

Commander amphibious assault company amphibious assault battalion separate Kirkenes Red Marine Regiment of the Northern Fleet captain Rafik Fayzulin considers himself a happy man, because he has been beloved of all, is in the famous regiment, which in the future will celebrate the 70th anniversary of their own education, and in time year, or he, or his staff are participating in major events of combat training of the Northern Fleet.

Acquainted with Rafiq Faizulin your correspondent had a chance two years back in Olenegorske when the Northern Fleet command solemnly met the task force and an assault company of coastal forces of the Northern Fleet, returning to the Arctic after the successful fulfillment of the objectives in the strategic exercises "Vostok-2010". And when this year the other day, days of the Marines came the question of whom is from the Marine Corps commanders tell the readers of "Red Star", answer was specific.

— Naturally, the captain of Rafik Fayzulin, — said the assistant regimental commander for the Personnel Lt. Col. Valery Kartashow. — He is one of the most competent and dedicated officers, his company constantly achieves success in combat training, with measured different fruits, the highest discipline and cohesion.

Born and raised Rafik 2nd largest industrial center of the Altai region — town Biysk. And while his father at one time served in the missile forces in the Baltic, a military career for the son in the family was out of question. Recalls Rafiq, after school, he just went to see how pass entrance exams at the Novosibirsk Military Command School, and immediately decided to do exactly there.

Excellent knowledge of the school and the highest athletic achievements have allowed edge champion in sambo Faizulin no effort to become a student of Military University.

— In high school I worked for seven years masterfully sambo and judo, constantly involved in city and regional competitions, — said the captain Fayzulin. — Specifically, it is a broker of temper temper, to cultivate perseverance, will and determination.

The hardest part for Rafiq was first year study, when the young man had to get used to the military structure, expand their understanding of the world. At the end of the second year the company commander was appointed captain Isaicheva who went outside the box to the education of students and was able to study all the intrigue own future specialty. To participate in sports competitions at various levels, he allowed only when no poor results in their studies, but each victory in sports competitions encourage additional layoffs in the city. Of all the items from Rafik more enthusiasm aroused tactical training and activities at the Department of combat vehicles. Then he is also not meant as a further need in the cadet acquired years of knowledge.

When finished with one of the biggest secondary school scores, Lieutenant Fayzulin arrived in 2004 to serve in a separate Kirkenes Red Regiment sea Corps of the Northern Fleet as commander of a platoon of marines battalion of marines. Through year promising officer appointed to command already paratrooper platoon, and in 2008 — commander of the amphibious assault company.

— When I was appointed to command a company, it was absolutely manned by contract servicemen, who have gained a decent level of professor, had the highest motivation — recalls captain Rafik Fayzulin. — After the transition from contract method of manning the recruiting troops we had to transform the process of training. For the first time we did the recruits in the spring of 2009. All the kids were well-matched — durable, strong, with a good mentality and installing the service, 40 percent had a university degree. But, unfortunately, evenly conscripts began to deteriorate, and it required us to spend more time on physical and mental development, increased psychological resistance.

Commander amphibious assault company is sure that even the weak little rookie can bring a Marine. The main thing that he was an honest and hard-working, and permanent employment in the field do their job. The regiment is often conducted tactical drill classes on tactical training and test firing at the fire training both in the daytime and at night. In general, the total number of allotted for combat training 80 hours of classes per cent are in the field.

Captain Rafiq Fayzulin noted that a great help in preparing young replenish their commanders have sergeants mouth. They really are the second-largest party after the platoon commanders, and if a number of tasks on the sergeants can safely rely on. According to Rafiq Faizulina over 8 years of officer service markedly changed attitude of personnel for non-commissioned officers, which confirms the growth of their status and authority in the subdivision.

As recognized at the end of the conversation Fayzulin captain, served in the sea infantry, he especially likes its own dynamism, skydiving, often go out into the sea and the role of services in the fighting ships of the Northern Fleet. Own task, he believes instill the same love for their own business over the Marines own amphibious assault company.

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