Overseas Rusatom took part in the event for suppliers

Match INDUSTRY 2013 in Finland

«Match INDUSTRY Event» — an event organized by several Finnish industry associations and organizations in PM. Association FinNuclear. The purpose of the event — the establishment of new business for Finnish companies manufacturing equipment including for the nuclear industry. The event was held in the format of prearranged short meetings "one-on-one." Just a Match INDUSTRY attended by more than 300 Finnish companies as well as companies who spoke to the status of "general contractors" — "Rusatom Overseas», «Toshiba», «Areva», «Alstom», «Mitsubishi Heavy Industries», KHNP, etc.  

"Rosatom" was first presented at the event and has caused great interest among the participants. Conducted more than 50 meetings with Finnish companies — manufacturers of equipment and services to the energy industry. Representatives of the "Rusatom Overseas" distributed more than 100 questionnaires to collect information on potential partners in Finland. Based on the information gathered "Rosatom" plans to form an idea of the potential of Finnish industry and form the base of potential suppliers. Such an analysis of the opportunities of Finnish companies will contribute to the maximum localization in the case of participation of "Rosatom" in the construction of nuclear power plants in Pyuhayoke.

In an interview with the Finnish national TV channel «Yle» Vice-President of "Rusatom Overseas" Ivo Kouklik confirmed that "Rosatom" is currently in talks with the Finnish company «Fennovoima» Pyuhayoki the construction of nuclear power plants in the north-western Finland. According to him, participation in «Match INDUSTRY Event» allowed representatives "Rusatom Overseas" to get an idea of the possibilities of Finnish industry. He also stressed that the cooperation with the Russian nuclear industry would Finnish companies to participate in overseas projects of "Rosatom" around the world.

The Finnish company "Fennovoima» (Fennovoima) in April of this year, started direct negotiations with Rosatom on participation in the construction of nuclear power plants Pyuhayoki. Negotiations on the project were also conducted with the French "Areva" and continue with the Japanese "Toshiba". The final decision will be adopted by the end of this year. At present, Finland has two nuclear power plants that provide about 33% of electricity needs. The first Finnish Loviisa nuclear power plant, commissioned in 1977, was equipped with Soviet VVER-440.

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