Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news over the past week

In Meleuz (Bashkortostan) after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 350 places

For its reconstruction has been allocated 25 million rubles. For the purchase of furniture and equipment from the municipal budget is directed 6.5 million.

In the garden thoroughly and efficiently carried out all the interior work: fully replacement of kitchen equipment, electrical systems, ventilation, water supply, sewage systems, door and window units, refurbishing of all premises built shady canopies for all 14 teams. Purchased technology, health, teaching and playing equipment, comfortable baby furniture. With the onset of warm, dry weather will be overhauled roof, facade and landscaping.


In the village Seversky (Krasnodar Territory) after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 130 places

Nearly 20 years of kindergarten was not functioning. DOW reconstruction carried out in the framework of the regional target program "Development of pre-school education in the Krasnodar Territory" for 2010-2015. " For this purpose it has been allocated 44 million rubles (27 million rubles — from the regional budget of 17 million rubles — from the municipal budget).

In kindergarten, 5 groups generally developing form, Group 1 — compensating for children with speech disorders.



In Trekhgorny Chelyabinsk region after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 83 seats

The grand opening of the kindergarten № 1 "Breeze" after a major overhaul on the first day of April. Updated kindergarten has 83 children.

In July 2012 a kindergarten was completely closed for overhaul of the interior, exterior of the building, site improvement. During the repair work done, base repair, facade, plumbing and drainage. Renovated rooms are equipped with new light fixtures, fire alarm system. At the kindergarten refreshed street lighting system and asphalt coating, and a coating of sand on the floors. In the areas, new walking veranda and children’s playgrounds.


In the village of Vetluzhsky Kostroma region after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 80 seats

Had to redo everything: communication, floors, plumbing. Over the building has a new roof, workers installed new windows. And now — a solemn moment. Kindergarten is the first social object, which shall be in Sharia in the last 25 years.

Now, the building is equipped to meet all modern requirements: cribs, toys, furniture, new catering department.


In Agideli (Bashkortostan) after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 97 seats

Kindergarten gave the city 43 jobs: enlarged team of teachers, tutors and junior staff. People who receive a job here, actively helped the builders bring the building into full alert.

97 kids will spend their days in equipped with new furniture and equipment installation. New kitchen appliances, modern medical office, a beautiful gym, comfortable cots for babies nursery and older children, playing and warm bedrooms, carpets. In kindergarten, there were laptops, interactive whiteboard and screen for showing movies …

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In Pskov Pskov region after the cap. repair of housing opened a kindergarten for 44

In kindergarten, number 14, "Smile" opened a new building. In the living room on etc. October, 17, which previously housed a library of foreign literature, was reconstructed and renovated. Now the new pre-school groups will be able to visit 44 children aged 1.5 to 3 years.

Everything is done in a modern, warm and comfortable. The furniture is new, good. — Everything is planned for children, separate bedrooms, the group has a gym.


In the village Ilinskiy Perm region after the cap. repair branch opened a kindergarten for 30 seats

Branch kindergarten "The Golden Cockerel" in the village. Ilinskiy started after the repair. Under the kindergarten adapted wooden one-story building, built in the second half of the XIX century. Funding amounted to 4,000,000 rubles.

Kindergarten capacity of 30 seats.


In the village. Novonikolaevskii Volgograd region after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 50 seats

Once upon a time in this building housed the elementary school, but it turned out to unclaimed — the parents preferred to send their children to public schools, which in district three. The empty house decided to "convert" into a kindergarten. Former remodeled an old school, spent sewers and even made underfloor heating. All this fun cost nearly 7.5 million.

Now take 50 kindergarten kids.

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In Novomoskovsk, Tula region in kindergarten opened a new group

April 5 in kindergarten number 59 Loc opening additional group.


In Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk Region has opened a group of short-stay children for 25 seats

In Norilsk school number 9 discovered a group of short-term stays for kids older than three years of age who do not attend kindergarten. Now a new group visited eight children. But soon to be joined by other children — will be held as soon as the physical.

Until May the group will be working in schools, then it is transferred to the children’s garden.


In the village. Krasnoyarsk Mining Group has opened a short stay children for 8 persons

In kindergarten, the village of Gorny Achy district opened the group short-term stay.

The group will attend a short stay 8 kids from 3 to 5 years. The group will operate 3 times a week for 3 hours without food and sleep in kindergarten. With the opening of this group of 8 children will be able to master the basic educational program of pre-school education and have been successfully prepared for school.


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