Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news over the past week

In Blagoveshchensk (Bashkortostan) after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 300 places

After a major renovation in Blagoveshchensk opened kindergarten number 14, known as "Karagaj" because of the administration employees planted 26 pine trees. Preschool is designed for groups of ten. Permits on his visit to receive more than 300 children from two to seven years.

The building was constructed over 20 years ago, it housed a children’s art school, youth club "Eaglet". Then three years downtime waiting for renovation, which began in the summer of last year and cost the republican budget of 58 million rubles.

The replacement of the roof, electrical systems, ventilation, heating, water supply, sewerage, door and window frames. It was here that art studio, a medical office, equipped with modern facilities catering department, comfortable furniture, toys. For walks in the fresh air in the pavilions are set.

In addition to teachers, work in the garden educational psychologist, speech therapist, an ecologist. For those who want to organize a group of family and children’s short-term stay.


In Balashov, Saratov region after reconstruction opened a kindergarten for 150 places

In 2012, the district administration decided to reconstruct the building of the former hospital into a kindergarten for 130 places. Work on the reconstruction of the premises have been carried out in the shortest possible time, six months, a total value of 48 million rubles.

Kindergarten consists of a complex of buildings, including 4 buildings: the main building, nursery group, a group of short-term stays and catering department. In connection with the new amendments to SanPin area of preschool education institutions will take 150 children.



In Raychikhinsk Amur region after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 110 places

April 5 Raychikhinsk officially opened a children’s garden "Cheburashka". For the reconstruction of the building where it was located before the center of education, it took 3 years and 40 million rubles.

After the reconstruction of the kindergarten for 110 places got big games, music and sports halls. At the disposal of educators set of equipment for practicing and learning. Toddlers have their own library and even a museum Cheburashka. The opening of the modern kindergarten gave the city 28 jobs and shut down completely in Raychikhinsk all for preschoolers older than 3 years.


In p. Dyrestuy (Buryatia) after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 50 seats

After a major refurbishment in early April Dyrestue opened kindergarten "Pinocchio".

Kindergarten building was constructed in 1972 by the district authorities. In 2009, the garden gave Dyrestuyskomu settlement, after which it closed. In 2012, the "Pinocchio" again took on its balance Dzhidinsky area. In autumn of the same year construction began. Major overhaul lasted for almost six months.

The renovated kindergarten is located 2 groups of 25 people with a cozy game rooms, a gym, a music room, a modern catering department. They soon added a medical office.


In p. Mammoth Altai built a kindergarten for 140 places

The project is implemented under the direction of an integrated compact construction and improvement of rural settlements of the federal target program "Social development of village until 2013." Directed at the construction of 105 million rubles of regional and federal funds.

A children’s play areas, areas of nutrition and rest. Physical education classes will be held in the spacious gym. No less attention paid to landscaping: built wonderful playgrounds.

It will also set up new jobs. The initial phase will be provided employment 30.



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