Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news over the past week

In Svirsk Irkutsk region after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 160 places

Svirsky kindergarten number 2, better known in the city under the name "Bell", was built in 1971. Later, he was in demand. In order to preserve the building, premises was given to the municipal organization. Today in Svirsk birth rate exceeds the death rate, the need for a reconstruction of pre-school institutions. Make it worked with the regional program.


In Kiakhta (Buryatia) after the conversion and renewal. Repair opened a kindergarten for 120 places

The city Kjahta on the former site of the orphanage came kindergarten. Spacious and cozy rooms designed for 4 groups of 30 children.

The first two groups have already taken their pupils.

The preschool has been repaired in the shortest possible time. Which took about 4 million rubles.


The village Shuvaeva Krasnoyarsk region has opened a new group in the kindergarten

Opening of the fourth group of kindergarten was made possible thanks to the victory Shuvaevskogo kindergarten in the competition in 2012 in the framework of regional long-term program "The development of pre-school educational institutions." Now kindergarten visit 88 children.

This kindergarten is now available not only for the children of the village Shuvaeva but Arey and towns and the Red Plowman, as well as villages and Zamyatin Startseva.


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