Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news over the past week

In Tula, after the conversion and renewal. Repair opened a kindergarten for 120 places

Until recently, the part of the premises of the kindergarten number 149 on the street Clara Zetkin took control of Educational Administration of Tula. Last August, the Department of Education has moved, the premises were returned to pre-school children.

Repair work in preschools have been conducted in the framework of the municipal term target program "Development of Early Childhood Education in Tula." The kindergarten will open six new teams to 120 young people of Tula.

— The kindergarten playground out front porch, renovated facade of the building, restored gaming sites, the construction of new porch. Fully repaired sewer, water, ventilation, interior work done in rooms equipped with fire alarm system.


In Tomsk, after the cap. Repair opened the second building of the kindergarten number 94 to 130 seats

The contractor has upgraded the building, repaired the roof, replaced the heating, sewerage, water supply, completed the exterior and interior decorating.

For the overhaul of the regional budget allocated 55 million rubles for the equipment — about 9.4 million rubles, including 655 million from the federal budget and 8.7 million rubles from the city budget.

In the second part of the kindergarten number 94 has six full-time teams, combined auditorium and gymnasium, medical center, catering department, class further education, practitioner offices, speech therapist and educational psychologist. All rooms are fully equipped with modern and new furniture. The adjacent area has six sports and play areas with small architectural forms.

Renovated housing after the staffing of teaching staff, will take 130 preschoolers from 3 to 7 years. Link

In Primorye Dalnerechensk opened after reconstruction kindergarten for 47 seats

Everything is new: underfloor heating and plumbing, comfortable and beautiful furniture, and most importantly toys. In the coming years will be the new kindergarten for 47 kids a second home. And moms and dads have the opportunity to get a job.


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