Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news over the past week

In p. Zavyalovo (Udmurtia) after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 60 seats

To renovate the former elementary school (construction began in 2009) of the national budget was allocated 38,720 million and about 1 million came from the district budget.


In Vytegra Vologda region after cap repair has opened a kindergarten for 175 places

Kindergarten appeared in the former district hospital therapeutic building, reconstruction of which began in the fall of 2011. The three-storey building provides space seven pre-school groups, which include: separate bedroom and a games room, a reception room, a toilet and a pantry. The building is equipped with modern equipment: industrial washing machines, dishwashers, centrifuge, drying cabinets, ironers, Wipers and Bread Slicing machines.

The cost of the work amounted to 89 million rubles, of which 19 — the cost of the district budget.



In Saratov, was opened after reconstruction kindergarten number 162 "Fairy Tale" and 230 beds.

June 4 in the Leninsky district of Saratov was opened after reconstruction kindergarten number 162 "Fairy Tale".

This object is introduced into the system in the framework of the current in a long-term target program "The expansion of pre-school educational institutions" for 2011-2015 ", through which the two previous years was introduced 1699 new places in kindergartens.
On the reconstruction of the building (including the registration of land, design, conduct examinations) in 2012 has been allocated 57.565 million rubles. rubles, including 35 million rubles. from the federal budget in accordance with the regional target program for the development of pre-school education, and 22.565 million rubles. from the city budget.


In the Volgograd region Kamyshin after cap repair has opened a kindergarten for 110 places

The spacious game rooms, each of which has a large TV with DVD-player, comfortable bedrooms, decorated in warm colors — each bedroom a different color, a large hall for music lessons and matinees … In the courtyard playground built: porch, slides, towers, sand and more. There is also a soccer field for smaller players, sown lawn grass.


In Chita, opened the second building of a private kindergarten "rainbow" of 40 seats

The new building is designed for 40 people. He is ready — the new equipment, purchased from local producers children’s furniture. Housing rassschitan into 4 groups according to age, each — separate area for walking.
Wonderful kitchen, five meals, developing program and individual attention to each child — such distinguishing features of the children’s center "Raduga".


In Prokopyevsk Kemerovo region after cap repair opened two kindergartens

May 31, Prokopyevsk opened their doors at once 2 kindergartens. One of them is in a remote village of the town Ziminka. Here, after the reconstruction of the opening of the kindergarten number 14, "Cherry", designed for 90 children.

In densely populated Tyrgane solemnly commissioned kindergarten number 108 "Luntik." This is a preschool educational institution designed for 120 students.

For construction work in these kindergartens spent more than 80 million rubles from the regional and local budgets.


In Krasnoyarsk, opened a private kindergarten for 50 people

June 4 at the Severny opened in Krasnoyarsk non-state preschool "Kindergarten generally developing form" Jung ".

In kindergarten, there are separate rooms for bedrooms, a music room, catering department. Group rooms are equipped with modern furniture and play equipment. Learning Environment is organized in the interests of children and meets their age features. In the neighborhood equipped area for children to walk, which will be equipped with sunshades, as well as play equipment and small fitness.


In Arsenyev Primorsky Krai opened a private kindergarten for 30 seats

In Arsenyev opened the first private kindergarten — non-state preschool educational institution "Baby."

Kindergarten is located in the center of the city — he took part of the premises of the former night school. Sadiq capacity of 30 children.


In Krasnodar, after a thorough renovation opened two kindergartens for 250 seats

In the district of Krasnodar Karasunsky after the cap. Repair opened kindergartens number 96 and number 185.

Kindergarten number 96 for young children (under 3 years) was opened on the first floor of a three storey building on the street. Novorossiysk, 208. At one time, there have departmental kindergarten porcelain and faience factory, after closing premises passed a private businessman, and until last year, they were empty.

After the overhaul also earned kindergarten number 185 on the street. Simferopol, 28.

Seats are increased by almost a factor of 2 by the conversion of the building, which formerly housed a private school "Scrabble." Now the nursery is ready to accept more than 200 kids.


In Yantikovo (Chuvashia) opened an additional group in kindergarten number 1

The first of June in kindergarten number 1. Yantikovo renovated premises opened an additional group of 20 children from the age of three.


In New Buras Saratov region of open pre-school education

On May 25, the opening of additional groups of preschool structural unit.

To organize additional groups of the structural unit of the first floor of the school building was remodeled, purchase of equipment, furniture, soft equipment. The Supplement to the license of a program of pre-school education.


In Novomoskovsk, Tula Region otkrylast additional group of 25 seats

June 4 opening of additional groups in kindergarten number 45. It took 25 guys.


In Khanty-Mansiysk earned pre-school group of children of temporary stay "baby house-2."

On June youngest hantymansiytsev waited a gift — for them has earned a temporary stay of pre-school group of children "baby house 2"

The institution will work five days a week from July 30 to 19 hours. To engage with the children will be six teachers, three teacher assistant, housekeeper, a medical worker, trainer, psychologist and music teacher. Group designed for 60 children.


In the village Zelenogorskii Kemerovo region has opened a group for children with poor health

In Krapivinskoye area on the basis of Zelenogorsk kindergarten group opened a sanatorium for children with impaired health — the first in the Kuzbass region of rural areas. For the children there is provided a vast range of medical procedures. The children themselves will feel almost like home. Good repair. For these purposes, the local authorities have allocated one million rubles.


A new group of kindergarten was opened in the seaside village of Border

The queue at the pre-school, which consists of children aged 3 to 7 years completely eliminated in the border village in the Maritime Territory after the discovery of a new group in the kindergarten number 1

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