Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news this week


 1)p.Perebory (Yaroslavl region).

In the village of brute force, it Rybinsk district, has opened a new children’s garden. In fact, the building of the local school. Education officers claim such a union will only benefit the kids.
Built at the beginning of 50th-31 th school remade completely, leaving only the outer walls and the foundation. For half a year there is a new reconstruction of the kindergarten with appropriate interior and all the necessary comfort for baby.
With the introduction to the work of a kindergarten in the village Perebory 100% solved the problem of placement of children in pre-school.

2)s.Kuimiha (Arkhangelsk region).

The event, which took place on Friday in Kuimihe, run of the mill can not be named. The kindergarten has opened a new group.

On this day in kindergarten were all "grown-up": ribbon cutting, ceremonial speeches, gifts …

But adults and kids do not forget: for the children organized a real feast with fantastic heroes. To work in the new group came to get water, hell, Baba Yaga and the Bag of Bones. While the kids are eagerly danced, played and sang along with fantastic heroes, with their teachers decided not to leave.

Still, the teachers here are wonderful, the master of all trades: the actors, singers and poets — in short, are the ones who need the kids, and creative people who love their profession.

Just two years ago in an area that is now the new group was medical and obstetric point. When a new building was constructed for the FAP, the head of the district gave the order — open a group on the basis of vacant premises. Through the work of the department of education, overhaul group was included in the regional program "Construction and repair of educational institutions in the Arkhangelsk region in 2012-2018 years", and from the regional budget allocated 830 thousand rubles. Total for the opening of the group spent 1.6 million rubles: for repairs, purchase of furniture, toys.


In Nakhodka opened a new group in the kindergarten number 58. The renovated premises took 20 kids between the ages of five years.

On the joyous occasion of parents and children greeted the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Primorsky Krai Ruslan MANOKONOV, Head of Education Administration of Natalia Bondarenko. Guests took pupils and teachers of pre-school educational institutions.

Under the new group converted walking veranda of the second floor. As reported in the management of education, three months in a room built inside walls, installed windows, spent heating, drain. For the group purchased the furniture, educational games, soft equipment. The cost of high-quality conversion of one room were about three and a half million rubles, funds are allocated from the municipal budget.

4)§ Turuntaevo (Tomsk region).

In Turuntaevo opened a kindergarten for 45mest. Single-storey building for it gave the administration of the settlement. Contractors spent indoors redevelopment, it is completely renovated and equipped with innovative cost-effective heating — heat pump. Thus, the heating of the kindergarten is fully insulated and independent. In the room there is no battery — the heat comes from the floor. Total repair was spent around six million rubles, of which 80% of the regional budget, 20% — co-financing from the local budget of the Tomsk region.

— Back in 2010, when I became Head of Education, Turuntaevo residents wrote letters to the management that they need a daycare that they have the opportunity to work and develop their children. We have been unable to find a place that would comply with health standards for pre-school groups. In addition, there was no existing targeted programs for which it was possible to get the money. Only in the beginning of last year, the previous head of the administration of Vladimir Efremov Turuntaevskoy agreed to release the administrative offices for the preschool. Around the same time there was a long-term regional target program to open pre-school places. With the money claimed by the districts was a lot of competition. On the second attempt we received funding for this facility — said the head of education Tomsk region Sergey Efimov.

5)s.Manilovsk(Irkutsk region).

In the village of pie-Alarsky district renovated will open a kindergarten for 35 seats.

As explained by the mayor of the territory of the Alexander Futornyi, the reconstruction of the kindergarten was conducted by the regional funds allocated under the program "Development of preschool Irkutsk region" in the amount of more than 9 million. The share of local co-financing in this case was 5%. During the repair work in the building of the kindergarten has been replaced roof, wall insulation, underpinning, redevelopment areas, as well as a complete replacement of heat, water and electricity supply.


From kindergarten — to the Department of Internal Affairs — and back. It is this "transformation" has occurred with "SEMICVETIK." October 2, city officials returned the children to Tambov another building garden. The fact that 80 years of the last century, this building was a children’s garden, but in the 90 structure passed ATC. Now, when the birth rate increased again, kindergarten repaired and brought back the city."28.9 million rubles invested in this garden, along with the equipment"— the head of the Administration of Tambov Alexander Bobrov. Already in the following year, in 2014 the concept of "all in kindergartens" in Tambov promise to completely eliminate. Who is next in line are 932 children.

7)p.Plast(Chelyabinsk region).

Governor Mikhail Yurevich opened a kindergarten "Firefly." Here, large-scale reconstruction and the building, which could only take 110 children, made annexe to 5 additional groups. Now be able to attend pre-school at the same time 200 children. As the head of the district governor, Alexander Nekludov, all in kindergartens among kids from 3 to 7 years closed, there is a shortage of places in nurseries.

"Kindergarten fully compliant. And our standards are higher than the world. I looked at the group, I really liked it. All made with high quality, good furniture is worth. The renovation was necessary because in Plast increases fertility, here moves a lot of people from neighboring areas to work, respectively, and the more children who need day care center "— Said Mikhail Yurevich.

8)Mezhdurechensk(Kemerovo region).

After a major renovation in Mezhdurechensk open old kindergarten "Rainbow"

Repaired by a total of more than 5,000,000 directed rubles. With these funds, renovated facade of the building, installed new porch, and the electrical system of an automatic fire alarm system, installed 4 sunshades and plastic windows.

Currently attending kindergarten 114 children, there are 4 groups for children aged from 3 to 7 years, 6 family groups. This created favorable conditions for the full development of pupils, children attend music and gym, nature room, game room. This facility is equipped with modern catering department, in accordance with the health rules and regulations.



In Ryazan opened after reconstruction kindergarten № 115 "small country"

Congratulate the students and teaching staff on this momentous occasion arrived: Deputy Governor of Ryazan Larissa Krokhaleva, Deputy Minister of Education, the Ryazan region, Alexander Kiryanov, Head of Education and Youth Policy Vitaly Eremkin administration of Ryazan.

The two-story building of the kindergarten number 115 was built in 1971. Before reconstruction in kindergarten comprised of 11 teams with 220 children.

Reconstruction of the building began in April. For the time being the children were distributed to nearby preschools. The works were carried LLC "Spetsstroyservis."
For the reconstruction of the kindergarten has been allocated almost 80 million. As a result of this work appeared the third floor, two floors repaired, replaced communication, imported new furniture, a nutrition unit has modern equipment, landscaped grounds, equipped with new walking veranda.
Upon completion of the kindergarten was opened five additional teams with 100 seats. Now the pre-school will be able to take 320 kids. This is one of the two biggest nursery of the regional center.

10)s.Muzhi (Yamal)

The men in the village renovated earned kindergarten Pinocchio. Now — this is a completely different building, temperature sensors, wall insulation and new plastic windows. Instead of the old cabinets in the foyer of the new furniture. On the street — new swings, mazes and verandas. From the old wooden "Pinocchio" was only nostalgia, but some children’s drawings.

"We are happy that our children will walk into the spacious kindergarten" — says kindergarten teacher "Pinocchio" The men of the village Larissa Zharinova.

The new school opened in Novyi-Aydyrlinsky Kvarkensky district of Orenburg region

At the opening of a new school in Novyi-Aydyrlinsky Kvarkensky region on October 3, Governor of Yuri Berg arrived in person — to congratulate the students and teachers with a welcome event and the Teacher’s Day. Together with Yuri Berg went to the east of the Vice-Governor — Deputy Chairman of the Government’s financial and economic policy Natalia Levinson and Education Minister Vyacheslav Labuzov area.

— More recently, there was a rickety shack, and now — the kids takes a new modern building — the governor was pleased with the inhabitants of the village. — Today’s announcement confirms once again — we keep our word. I personally promised that no small schools in the area will not be closed without a valid reason, a thorough examination of the situation, an individual approach to each individual case. Where the delivery of children’s school buses is difficult distances, we will invest in and maintain the school, but somewhere and build new ones, as here, — said Yuri Berg gathered at the opening.

In honor of the Governor presented the school a certificate for the purchase of sports equipment in denomination of 200 thousand rubles.

Villagers warmly thanked Yuri Alexandrovich for the care of children.

It is said that the old school building was built back in in 1948. And since ancient times, has not seen major repairs — were only the current job. On this occasion, the villagers began to worry for a long time and have repeatedly expressed concerns.

But only after a direct appeal to the Governor of Yuri Berg long-awaited overhaul of the building MBOU "Novo-Aydyrlinskaya Secondary School" began.

From the regional budget for repairs in 2012 allocated 10 million rubles, another 8 million — this year. The costs of the municipal budget in co-financing amounted to 1.2 million rubles.

The new school has all the conditions for carrying out the educational process. Each classroom is equipped with modern equipment, complete with furniture and teaching aids.


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