Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news this week


1) p.Aksarka (Yamal)

October 7, at Aksarka after the redevelopment of the building the orphanage opened its doors to kindergarten "Rainbow". 80 kids got a certificate for the preschool.
In addition to the new settlers were present at the celebration of their parents, who were looking forward to the additional areas, opening up new prospects in the organization of pre-school educational process. Kids meet fairy-tale characters cat Basilio and Alice Fox, as well as teachers and mentors. For all of those present were given a tour by a group of kindergarten rooms, and finally all the guests were treated to a birthday cake.
This activity is in line with the implementation of the "road map" to eliminate waiting in day care centers, adopted in the municipality last year. One of its stages was the organization of pre-school groups in boarding schools, and the opening of a kindergarten "Brusnichka" in Beloyarsk. The creation of additional 80 seats in kindergarten "Rainbow" has solved the problem of availability of pre-school education for young residents Aksarka aged 3 years.
Overhaul of the kindergarten is made at the expense of subventions aimed at modernizatsiyudoshkolnogo education.


2) s.Akimo-Elyinsk (Tula region).

In Akim Elias Uzlovsky rural school district opened a kindergarten. Now, pre-school education in the village groups will be available at the school.In parallel with the restructuring of the premises and the equipment was working on sodaniya new charter, subject to a further stage of education — pre-school. According to him, a group of preschool accepts children between the ages of 3 and 7 years. Capacity — 20 children. The mode of operation: 7:00 am to 17:30 pm. Currently, filed 18 applications. Work is in progress on completing training.


3) Kirov 

The grand opening of the new children’s garden on the street. Red Army was held today, 10 October, with the participation of the head of the city of Kirov.

The reconstructed housing kindergarten number 57 "Christmas Time" will be able to accept in the wall a hundred children. As noted by the head of the kindergarten Lada Alalykina, the opening of the kindergarten was made possible thanks to the help and support of the administration of the city of Kirov. Head said that the nursery is equipped with the latest standards: there are computers, "wi-fi" in each group and the interactive table.

As the head of the city, with the start of the program to provide children with places in kindergartens, was returned 8 kindergartens, and this — 3800 seats. Return of kindergartens, as well as the construction of new, according to Bykov, will continue. Kindergartens are planning to build, especially in new housing estates in Sunny Beach, Zinov settlement. Kindergarten plan to build in the neighborhood and Rainbow.

4) Volgograd

25 kids in the Soviet district of Volgograd were kindergartners. An additional group, which opened in kindergarten number 287, will reduce the queue. By the end of this year in Volgograd will be repaired and put into operation kindergartens with 1.5 thousand additional places for children aged 3 to 7 years.

5) p.Hvoyny (Novgorod region). 

Reconstruction of the former hostel irrigators lasted just over a year, now here will walk 58 children. New pre-school — kindergarten branch number 2 settlements conifers. The opening ceremony was attended by the Head of the Department of Education, Science and Youth Policy of the Novgorod region, Anatoly Osipov. In his speech, the district Ivan Vinogradov thanked Governor Sergei Mitin for funding the reconstruction of the building of the kindergarten. Most of the money spent — 17 million 425 thousand rubles — was allocated from the regional budget, and 8 million came from the district budget.

Anatoly Osipov congratulated all those present on the day of birth of a new home for the kids:

? Thanks to the joint efforts of the administration and the administration of the district Khvoininsky today we rejoice in the discovery of the modern kindergarten. This year, in the Novgorod region will create 1,525 new jobs for preschoolers. Opening your kindergarten for 58 children — also contribute to solving the problems of demography.

After the traditional cutting of the red ribbon, everyone was invited to tour the new two-story kindergarten. In groups, the children are waiting for new books and toys, stuffed colored bed linens, music room. Kindergarten is modernly equipped bathrooms, catering department, laundry room.

6) Temryuk 

In temryukskeye city kindergarten combined type number 3 after an overhaul, opened the first junior group. Will visit her 25 children aged from two years old.

On a holiday in the "daisy" visited the district head Ivan Wasilewski, Deputy for Social Affairs Irina Yevtushenko and head of the district education management Tatiana Stebe. They questioned Mom, how long they stood in line for a place in a kindergarten, with affection watched children play, sing and dance, talked with parents, advised them to strive to become a large family.

7) Samara

In Samara, the opening of the non-state preschool educational institution "Golden Key".

On the ground floor of the house number 228 on the street. Lenin used to be office space, which recently were empty. But within the framework of the program "Building a garden" room transformed: there were stained glass doors, carpets, toys and a white grand piano. Changed and Yards — now there is a large playground, which might play a kindergarten pupils, but also children from the neighboring houses.

The new kindergarten is designed for 60 people, and is now set in the group is almost finished.

By the end of 2012 thanks to the project "Building the Garden" will be able to secure a place in the pre-school educational institutions over a thousand detey.V whole, this year will create 2,500 places in kindergartens. Currently, draft 9 kindergartens, and the construction of 3 together with the Government of Samara region city will begin in the near future, according to the information and intelligence administration g.o.Samara.

8) Ussuriysk town 

New Children’s Garden is open during school number 11 Ussuri urban district at the former school boarding. Reconstruction has undergone all the historic building, which was built 100 years ago as a business school of the city.

Education is organized in such a way that the child comes here in three years, and goes to 17 — first kindergarten, then school. It is convenient to parents and children in early childhood raises serious approach to their studies.

While working in the kindergarten are just a few of the planned 10 kindergarten groups, which in September 2013 with 108 kids attending. Total kindergarten is designed for 240 children between the ages of 3 and 7 years.

By the time the kids landscaped grounds of the school, marked playgrounds, carried out to bring and placement of furniture, bedding, dishes.

9) Meleuz (R.Bashkortoskan)

In Meleuz on the eve of the momentous events of the 23rd anniversary of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Republic of Bashkortostan opening five agricultural and social facilities: after reconstruction — the bridge over the river Nugush, renovated — Kindergarten number 9 "Birch", a platform for growing birds, LLC " Bashkir Poultry Complex. M.Gafuri "and cattle farm in the SEC them. Salavat, reconstructed by the national program "500 farms."

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