Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news over the past week

In Nakhodka after conversion opened the first phase of a kindergarten for 90 seats

The building was transferred to the municipality and a half years ago — Administration Finds bought it from Primorsk Shipping Corporation. Former preschool idle for a long time, for a time was used as a shopping mall. Local authorities have to balance it with the sole purpose — to return the child and turn it into a modern educational and development center.

Purchase cost the city budget of 22 million rubles. Still about 30 million spent on major maintenance, which allowed the new year to launch first kindergarten. The building has installed new windows, replaced the system of power and heat, renovated gym, a medical and nutrition unit. Each group has a separate bedroom and a bathroom with shower.

Rooms are decorated with bright and comfortable furniture in the bedrooms — beds of a certain size. In game has everything you need for a full and complete development of the child.

In the first stage will take in four kindergarten groups 90 children aged from two to four years. In the second block of the building will be completed in the spring, and since the new school year is planned to fully put into operation an educational complex for 225 preschoolers.

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In p. Abatskoe Tyumen region was opened after reconstruction kindergarten

In an area with Abatskii March 2012 was conducted comprehensive overhaul of kindergarten "tree". January 11th was the grand opening of a kindergarten after the repair.

During the renovation of the kindergarten were replaced windows, floors, roof, and all the furniture, enlarged and divided into sections catering department; medblok now also has separate sections: vaccination and an insulator with a separate entrance. Laundry room with new washer and dryer machine has been moved to a separate building. In the same building, the water purification system is installed. Landscaped area and a children’s garden. Now that each age group has its own area for walking with new playgrounds, built a new playground.


The village Mataki Tatarstan opened kindergarten

January 15 in the village of Mataki opened nursery school.

In the garden is warm and cozy for children all conditions. There are separate rooms for games, dining room, washroom and rest. Today in the garden created by one group, which brings together 20 children of different ages. For future planning to organize two groups.


In the village of Croft Kurgan region after the cap. Repair opened kindergarten

January 15 in the village of Croft Lebyazhievsky district renovated the grand opening of the kindergarten. Now, instead of one group will be two: the eldest and the youngest.

Over the past two years the number of children in the village has increased substantially, and we now have all 29 kids have the opportunity to attend preschool.

The building of a kindergarten for 40 years, during which time it has never been renovated. Now replaced by a roof, running water, other work was performed. For these purposes has been spent over 700 thousand rubles: — 101,000 of the federal budget allocated to them, from the regional treasury aims 200,000 and 400,000 rubles were spent from the budget Lebyazhievsky district.


In Perm, Russia opened its first concession kindergarten

In the industrial region of Perm (street D. Davidov, 12) opened a new kindergarten — child development center "Constellation« UNICUS »110 seats.

The main idea of the concession is that the non-functioning of the building kindergartens competitively outsourced to private investors for recovery and discovery. The concession agreement is for 25 years. 1,5-2 years concessionaire is obliged to carry out the relevant work on the reconstruction of the premises and obtain a license to conduct educational activities.

The concession agreement for the kindergarten on the street. D. Davidov, 12, was signed in April 2010. Investment amounted to more than 40 million rubles.

As reported in the city Department of Education, is now signed two concession agreements, according to which in 2012 completed the renovation of the buildings located at: ul. D. Davidov, 12, as well as st. Goleva, 6. Total number of seats — 260.



The village Dvortsovskom Stavropol a kindergarten

A group of kindergarten was inaugurated in the village Dvortsovskom where a kindergarten was nearly thirty years. Under the group, which already runs 21 children, the wing converted school building. Now available dvortsovtsev small bedrooms, a games room, conference room, medical room.




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