Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news over the past week

In Barnaul, after the conversion and renovation of a kindergarten for 75 children

February 26, Barnaul passed a long-awaited event — opened after reconstruction kindergarten № 263 (lane Labor, 34) This is the 13th building in the regional center, returned to pre-school education.
Nursery for up to 75 people, the efforts of builders and teachers turned a bright, warm and cozy.



February 23 Volokonovsky rural settlement of the Belgorod region after the cap. Repair opened kindergarten "Cornflower"

From the regional and district budgets for the reconstruction of the kindergarten spent about 15 million rubles. Updated preschool is designed for kids 40 and has two sets of general developmental orientation. Also in the building are the food and medical units, laundry and methodical study.



In the village of Ust-Muna Maiminsky Altai Region has opened a kindergarten "Maralenok."

In the village of Ust-Muna Maiminsky district opened a kindergarten "Maralenok." 18 kids can attend this preschool.



In Iskitim Kemerovo region on the basis of the school opened a kindergarten.

February 20, 2013 on the basis of secondary school 9 in Iskitim the holiday opening new kindergarten "Rainbow", which will be brought up 40 children from four to six years.



In the village of Cross-Haldzhay (Yakutia) has opened a kindergarten "Syrdykchaana."

February 26 in the village of Cross-Haldzhay a famous event. It has opened a kindergarten "Syrdykchaana".

In 2013, to his 55-year anniversary, through the good works of the republican movement "My Yakutia in the XXI century" kindergarten "Syrdykchaana" has at its disposal a new, beautiful, warm and spacious building.



In the village. Sunny (Khabarovsk Territory) has opened a kindergarten for 150 places


In Sunny opened a new kindergarten — "SPRING" was the fourth pre-school institution in the village and the fourteenth in the area.

The building of the kindergarten was put into operation at the end of December, but due to problems with suppliers of furniture had to wait a bit. And here are the first group has already begun to take the children.

The garden has 150 pupils.



The village Belyk Krasnoyarsk after the cap. Repair opened kindergarten

The village Belyk Krasnoturansk district renovated opened a kindergarten. Repair establishment of regional and district budgets allocated 4,000,000 rubles.



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