Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news over the past week

The village Chapayevskoye (Karachay-Cherkessia) opened a kindergarten for 280 places

The new preschool for each group to a playroom, bedroom, cloakroom. In kindergarten, there is also a music room, a methodical study, the catering department with the necessary set of premises, a medical unit, laundry. When the inputs are provided ramps for access with limited mobility. The opening of the kindergarten will not only solve the problem of priority in the nursery, but also to open more than 60 jobs in a. Chapayevskoye.



In Tyumen after reconstruction opened a kindergarten for 270 places

Second kindergarten opened this year in Tyumen after extensive renovation. "Birch", so called pre-school educational institution. The building in which it is housed, for ten months has been on major repairs, and the 5th of the children and the parents of kindergarten noted housewarming.




In Sterlitamak (Bashkortostan) after reconstruction opened two kindergartens.

Number 4 in the opening two reconstructed kindergarten through the streets and the Socialist Factory.

? Branch kindergarten number 36 (ul.Zavodskaya, 13) under the name "Sun" is for 4 groups with a total coverage of up to 90 children. On the territory of pre-school educational institutions beyond the four game there is also a physical training area. The institution meets all established norms.

? Branch kindergarten number 85 (ul.Sotsialisticheskaya, 3) is for 3 groups of children. The works in this building took place from May to December 2012. Has been allocated for the reconstruction of 14 million rubles.



In Kytmanovskiy area (Altai Territory) after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 150 places.

In Kytmanovskiy district renovated kindergarten opened "Smile" by nearly 150 people. Previously, he was visited by 134 children. Now, the institution set up an additional seventh group of 15 preschoolers.



In p. Kultaevo (Perm region) has opened a kindergarten for 80 seats

The village Kultaevo opened new municipal garden with 80 seats.

The new kindergarten is made in compliance with all regulations. Along the first floor — the catering department. As well as a medical office. Regional and local budgets garden cost about 34 million rubles, a further 5.5 million have purchased furniture, toys and equipment.



In Rybinsk (Yaroslavl region) after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 100 places.

Autonomous and detached building used to belong to the Department of Education, there is an information center for the education of teachers. With the move to premises WPI 12 vacant school building, which was originally designed for preschool completely reconstructed.

The main demand — to energy efficiency: in kindergarten teplouzel an adjustable, insulated roof, installed new windows, allowing you to save up to 50% of heat energy. All conversions were financed from the city budget — is 47 million rubles. Such investments are allowed to open one new places for preschoolers. Now, in a combined kindergarten number 6 ten groups of 200 children.



In the village. October Krasnodar region after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 80 seats

In 2012, thanks to the participation in the regional target program "Development of the system of pre-school education in the Krasnodar region in 2010-2015" kindergarten was overhauled. The total cost of the work amounted to more than 13.5 million rubles., Of which about 9.5 million rubles. — The cost of the regional budget and about 4 million rubles. — Local. Modern well-maintained nursery will visit 80 small towns inhabitants October, May Day and East.



In p. Alabaytal Orenburg region after the cap. repair school was opened

Repairs made from extra-budgetary funds of the construction company "Listpromstroy." Contractor by OOO "Growth". Work was carried out to strengthen the foundation and supporting structure, roof and windows replaced, repaired all the rooms, classrooms are equipped with new equipment.



In the village. East Tula region on the basis of the school opened a kindergarten

in the settlement of the Eastern District of Efremov, Tula region after the renovation of the first floor of the school building has opened a new children’s garden instead of dilapidated old kindergarten, which they visited before.



In Salavat opened after reconstruction housing kindergarten

In kindergarten, number 18 was opened after reconstruction new building. It is designed for children with disabilities. In the 1990s, a kindergarten was closed, and the body — redeveloped for offices. Now he again returned to the pre-school education. The cost of capital improvements made about 35 million rubles. Now 120 children reside here. The kindergarten provides massage, medical offices, rooms for individual work with children.


In Nurimanovsky district of Bashkortostan in the school opened a kindergarten

Nurimanovsky area on the eve of International Women’s Day, the opening of a new preschool. Starobedeevskaya school became the fifth of the six branches of high school in the village of Red Hill, where there was a modern pre-school education for 30 se



In Volgodonsk district of Rostov region opened a family group of kindergarten

Requirements that apply to such groups, of course, is the highest. The need to harmonize sanitary and epidemiological stations, rospotrebnadzor, firefighters and many other agencies. But as the example of this family, it is quite feasible.



In p. Preobrazhenka Krasnoyarsk team opened briefly prrebyvaniya children

The village Preobrazhenka the grand opening of short-stay children attend which will be 15 kids aged 3 to 7 years. For these purposes within the district municipal target program "Support for pre-school education in the district Achinskom for 2011-2013" was received about 300 thousand rubles.






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