Overview of kindergartens in 2012 (Part IV)

For 2012 it is all kindergartens, which I found on the site. Among them: new projects, old — capitally repaired, buildings repurpose under the pre-school, reconstructed, etc.

According to official data, during the last school year was put into operation549 new educational institutions, including 431 pre-school educational institution.

301. In the capital of Mordovia, Saransk opened after reconstruction kindergarten N62.

302. In Ivanteevka (Moscow region).Renovated opened a kindergarten "Bellflower."

303. In the village of Shitkina Taishet district of Irkutsk regionopened a new building of the kindergarten, it is designed for twenty-five seats.

304. Kindergarten "Tower" in the village of Borisovka Belgorod regionopened after a major overhaul.

305. In Botlikh district of Dagestan opened a new kindergarten and a sports complex.


306. A new kindergarten opened in Grozny.

307. Opened in Ufa a new children’s garden (220 seats).

308. In Arkhangelsk opened a new children’s garden (275 seats).

309. In the Irkutsk region opened a kindergarten for 105 places and the House of Culture.

310. In Perm and Yelets (Lipetsk region). opened kindergartens (95 130 persons).

311. In Petrozavodsk Reconstruction after a kindergarten № 99 (260 seats).

312. After a major overhaul Surovikino in Volgograd region opened a kindergarten "Bell".

313. Opened 2nd building municipal kindergarten number 99 Tomsk(150 seats).

314.In urban areas, Marie-Turek (Mari El)the opening of a new kindergarten "Daisy" in 140 locations.

315. Sadik, a new type of number 20 in Sredneuralsk.

316. In Dolgoprudnom has opened a new children’s garden with a fabulous name "Semitsvetik."

317. Kindergarten for 100 places opened Kirov.

318. In Nizhny Novgorod opened a new kindergarten for 225 places.

319. A new kindergarten opened Yekaterinburg (200 seats).

320. In Moscow opened a new kindergarten for 280 places.

321. In Yekaterinburg opened 334 th in a row kindergarten for 120 places.

322. Kindergarten for 270 places built Berezovsky urban district (Sverdlovsk region).

323. The village Askiz Kalinin at the school opened a kindergarten "Kalinka" with 40 seats.

324. In Novosibirsk Renovated opened a kindergarten for 210 places.

325. In Chelyabinsk opened a new kindergarten for 290 places.

326. Kindergartens were opened Vladimir region and Udmurtia.(110 seats)

327. In Yekaterinburg after the cap. Repair opened three kindergartens.

328. Modern new kindergarten for 160 children opened in g.Hvalynske (Saratov region).

329. In Novosibirsk a kindergarten "The Mansion" (360 seats).

330. In Cheboksary, Nizhny Novgorod, Kursk and Revda (Sverdlovsk region). opened kindergartens.

331. In Omsk construction of a new children’s garden (140 seats).

332. Zvenigorod near Moscow open two kindergartens (100 seats).

333. In Yoshkar-Ola opened a pedestrian bridge and a kindergarten for 175 places.

334. In Ingushetia open new kindergartens (390 seats) and a new school.

335. In the Kirov and Khabarovsk opened new kindergartens (300 seats)

336. After repairs were opened in the Irkutsk region, and 1 Volgograd and Yekaterinburg. 

337. In Urai (Khanty-Mansiysk) opened a kindergarten "Snowflake" (240 seats).

338. After the reconstruction of the open kindergartens Lipetsk and Big Chernigovka (310 seats).

339. In the new district of St. Petersburg opened the first kindergarten for 247 places.

340. New pre-school (240 seats) put into operation in Kholmsk Sakhalin region.

341. In Novosibirsk opened a children’s garden with a swimming pool and a salt cave.

342. In Tyumen there was one kindergarten.

343. In Krasnoyarsk a kindergarten.

344. The village Kangly Mineralovodsky District opened after the reconstruction of kindergarten.

345. In Pestravskiy area opened after the reconstruction of the kindergarten "KOLOSOK."

346. In the village of Parabel Tomsk region opened after reconstruction kindergarten.

347. In Ryazan opened a kindergarten for children with vision problems.

348. After reconstruction, opened kindergartens in Udmurtia and Saratov region (180 seats).

349. New children’s gardens are open Saratov and Yaroslavl (330 seats).



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