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In July, I have already published an overview of the new 7 museums. Since it is summer, the holiday season and so on, the number of museums in the country to successfully increase. In this survey — 6 new museums for 23.07 — 09.08 and material for February-July, which was not posted on the site. 


1. August 9. Naberezhnye Chelny. Museum of swallowed objects.


For the past year vet Stanislaus Warriors collects unusual collection: a bullet, which he operated on wounded animals, objects, swallowed four-legged — tips for pedicure, Christmas tree ornaments, needles. In the mini-museum has even urinary stones. While the collection of vet clinic "Umka" consists of 15 items, but the memory is still a mass of interesting cases, the evidence of which Stanislav not retained.

2. August 6. Eagle. Museum of Aviation Regiment "Normandie-Niemen"  

The town opened a museum of military glory of the 303rd Fighter Division and regiment "Normandie-Niemen". At the ceremony, a delegation from France.


The museum was established on the basis of 38 schools of Eagle to address the city administration and coordination with the Association of Russian veterans of the regiment "Normandie-Niemen". The place was not chosen by accident — the school is named after the first commander of the squadron — Jean tulle, who died in the battle of the Eagle. In the financing of the project helped the deputies of the regional council. Among the exhibits — the personal belongings of the Soviet and French soldiers, aircraft wreckage, and documents.

3. August 1. Vladimir region. Sculpture Museum.


 From the close of the Moscow studio — the surrounding countryside. The famous Russian sculptor Leonid Baranov moved their operation from the capital to the countryside Omutischi Vladimir region. Statues, busts, complex compositions with one of the few contemporary artists who continue the tradition of classic easel and monumental sculpture, housed within the walls of an abandoned warehouse. This kind of organized and exhibition hall.
  Source (+ video): http://www.vesti.ru/videos?vid=435905&cid=8 


4. July 31. Krasnoyarsk Territory. Museum of Applied Arts.


An expert village of Cheryomushki Kuraginsky district opened a museum in his home crafts.
70-year-old Anna Chizhov for the life patterns of a collection of embroidered tablecloths and rushniks. From early childhood, mistress will not part with a needle and thread. Sophisticated equipment and various types of stitches invents itself. When she worked at the factory microelectronics, then have time to pass on their skills and experience students. In the year of its studios produced 80 children.

5. July 31. Anapa. Museum of erotica.


He works at the mall "Paralia" in the village Vitjazevo. Collector Vladimir Nesyn trophies collected during his travels and trips to different countries. According to him, this is why the exhibition turned out such a diverse and interesting. "Representatives of the various areas of art in their own way expressed his attitude to erotica, which can be found in everything from self-love and ending with the birth of a child. I tried not to confuse art with the fact that we now see everywhere from TV screens."
All in all, the museum features more than 50 paintings, drawings and sulptur. The exhibition will last until the end of every summer. It is open to all who are over 16 years old.  



6. July 23. Rostov-on-Don. Museum Don winemaking.


In Rostov-on-Don in the tourist complex "Peter Wharf" opened the Museum of Don brewing and wine-making, which collects and presents the best examples of the Kuban and Don production.



Now for the other new museums have opened in 2012.


 7. July 15. Chechnya.s.Starye Atagi. Museum Esembaeva




8. July 4. Irkutsk. Museum "Window to Asia."


 The new museum is a symbolic name "Window to Asia." Department of Regional Museum will tell visitors about the role of Eastern Siberia in the development of distant lands. The first exhibition devoted to Russian America. It is through the Irkutsk passed the main road to Alaska. 
  The new branch regional museum consists of four buildings. This room is considered a monument of architecture of the XIX century. Previously, it was on the street Gavrilova. Recently, he was transferred to 130 and set about restoring the quarter. "As the quarter is already running, we need the house was not empty. And we organized the first such exhibition. She can test a little, but fits into the concept of the museum is, that it’s" Window to Asia ", Irkutsk — window to Asia. 



9. June 19. Serpukhov. Museum of Medicine. 


  A new exhibition of the museum was opened in the history of medicine Serpukhov near Moscow, visitors can see its XIX century medical tools, dental drills since the Soviet Union, as well as get acquainted with the history of medical work in Serpukhov District of Anton Chekhov and medics in World War II.

   In the halls of the museum, located in a separate wing of the building on the Proletarian, 78, collected a variety of medical equipment, laboratory equipment XIX-XX centuries, documents, medical records and a certificate specified in the material.

  Among the unique market — certificate signed by Semyon Boudin, Medical ticket prostitute, textbooks on surgery of the XIX century. On the wall of the museum, as expected, posted th
e Hippocratic oath is added to the publication.

  At the beginning of the exposure — the interior of the church of the Prophet Elijah in Serpukhov, and among the exhibits — a little old icon that should have been applied to the aching tooth, that he has ceased to be ill, the report said. 



10. June 18. Ulyanovsk. Museum Goncharov.


 In Ulyanovsk, opened Historical and Memorial Center Museum of Ivan Goncharov. The opening of the center dedicated to the celebration of the 200th anniversary of his birthday, which is celebrated from 16 to 21 June.

The museum was opened in the "House Goncharov" — a three-storey house, situated in the center of the street, also bearing the name of the author of "Oblomov". It was in this house, and the writer was born in 1812. By festivities building was renovated.

The new center will be a subsidiary of the art museum, which is headed by Julia Volodin. According to her, the branch must be regarded as a public multi-center, not a museum, it will open a research center with a library Goncharova, and will take multiple exposures. 




11. June 1. Khabarovsk. Museum of the City.


   On the birthday of Khabarovsk before the visitors opened its doors to the new museum — a museum of the history of the city. At the opening ceremony, despite the rain, there were a lot of citizens. Welcoming remarks were made Khabarovsk Mayor Alexander Sokolov, and Honorary Citizen of the city, the writer, ethnographer Vsevolod Sysoev. The opening of this museum citizens expect a long time, because in most major cities in Russia have such a museum. In the first hall of the new museum, visitors can learn the history of settlement of the Amur land, portraits of first builders of Khabarovsk, a form of line battalion of soldiers, models of huts of the first settlers, the steamer "Argun." In the other three exhibition halls housed exhibition of works by artists that tell about the different times of Khabarovsk, exposition "Khabarovsk in the first persons: the time, facts", prepared a year ago, the 145 th anniversary of the regional center.  

 Source: http://www.moigorod.ru/news/details.asp?n=208555


12. May 17. Pattaya. Spice Museum.

The only one of its kind in Thailand Museum of spices and Botanical Garden has collected about 200 different species of plant, situated on the territory of more than half a hectare. The exposition of the museum provides a wealth of information about agriculture in Thailand. A separate room of the museum dedicated to the history of opium in the "Golden Triangle" on the border of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand.

The project investor Maxim Kosikhin said: "Spices in the world today are used for cooking, beauty, health, and home to many of them — South-East Asia, particularly Thailand. Many of our visitors are faced with spices, be it Thai cuisine or cosmetology. It was therefore confident that this subject would be interesting for them … 



 13. May 17. Kyzyl. Literary Museum TuvGU.


 The Faculty of Philology TuvGU May 17 was inaugurated Literary Museum, a branch of the "Museum of the history and material culture of the peoples of Central Asia" Tuvan State University. Its head is appointed Maria Kuzhuget, a senior lecturer in the Tuvan philology and general linguistics, the famous poet of Tuva.



14. May 15. Yekaterinburg. Immediately two of the museum!

In the "Museum Night" was held in Yekaterinburg opening of two new museums. This is the Cinema Museum and the Museum of Mobile. 

 In the first of them will be told about the history of the Sverdlovsk Film Studio, will also be unique exhibits that were used in the filming of the historical and contemporary paintings Ural film studio: models, props, costumes, wigs, interior decorations and more.

  In the night from 14 to 15 May at the studio was a unique tour in a big film set, where in real time the shooting took place. Visitors learned how to shoot, assemble film, took part in the casting, and the most active will be able to take part in the shooting.

The Museum presents the first mobile technology mobile phones. In the formation of the exhibition was attended by everyone who could provide advance their existing sparse cell phones.




15. May 12. Yoshkar-Ola.Muzey Margate.

 In Margate has opened a museum dedicated to the history of the two schools — Mari State Pedagogical Institute. NK Krupskaya and Mari State University. Visitors are offered here read the history of teacher education in the Mari region from the XVIII century to the 20-ies of the XX century, the foundation and development of the university.


Source: http://gg12.ru/node/12885


16. March 26. Voronezh. Yesenin Museum.

In Voronezh, with the assistance of modern genius actor, People’s Artist of Russia Sergei Bezrukov March 23 opened a new National Museum of Sergei Yesenin.

Recall that Sergey Bezrukov is not the first time focuses on the person of Voronezh poet Sergei Yesenin bully. It is supported by an actor in 2006 in Voronezh, a monument to the poet. Almost a year ago Bezrukov drew attention of the city authorities on the former premises of modesty Esenina Museum, which was located on the street of Donbass.
  At the grand opening Bezrukov brilliantly executed poem Esenina and visited the exhibition of the museum, which has about 150 exhibits.

Source: http://vrnnews.ru/news_type/index.php?type=5&id=6842


17. March 23. Irkutsk. Museum of treasure hunters.


Russia’s first museum of treasure hunters opened in Irkutsk. "Initial capital" of the museum considerable — more than 200 exhibits from the Trans-Baikal Territory, the Republic of Buryatia, Irkutsk Region and the European part of Russia, among which we ca
n find rare coins, glass products, fragments of shamanic jewelry, harnesses, stirrups, and even punching machine counterfeiter found in Alarsky area, which produced coins of 10-20 cents. 

"In stock at search engines as many more exhibits in the future they will restock the museum — the main editor of" Fortune Seeker. Gold. Treasures. Treasures "Alex Elizariev. — Search Engines are happy to share findings. "

Source: http://www.newsland.ru/news/detail/id/921392/


18. March 22. Samara. Museum of the History of thrift industry. 


 March 22 in Samara, on the street. Kuibyshev, 93, the grand opening of the "Museum of the History of thrift industry."

Chairman opened the Museum of the Volga bank Sberbank of Russia Dmitry Kurdyukov. Guests of honor at the event were the Volga region manager Bank of Sberbank of Russia until 1995 Victor Erohin, chairman of the bank of the Volga from 2000 to 2011 Victor schurenka, rector of the Samara State University Igor Noskov, acting Minister of Industry and Technology, Ivan Grandma, veterans — the oldest bank employees.
  The museum is housed in the former Noble Street. As Victor schurenka, the choice of this building was not accidental, it is here, in the house of the merchant Arzhanova, in 1923, opened the first in Samara provincial gostrudsberkass number 28.



19. February 22. Tambov. Museum of bailiffs. 


 Creation Museum — an association of historical and contemporary heritage Office in one place. The idea to organize a museum has been discussed for a long time. Museum specimens collected all the geographical divisions of the Office of the bailiffs. Assistance in the establishment of the Museum of the veterans had service.

For example, the museum presents the smallest largest exhibit — it’s shaped button bailiff of the sample in 1864, made of bronze, which was found at the end of last year. "As the theater begins with a hanger, and let our museum starts with the little buttons of the year and will be a year to grow with new exhibits and materials," — said in a speech leading Expert, Media Relations, NV Chetyrina. 




20. February 21. Moscow. Museum apple. 


 The museum exposition Apple private, all the exhibits belong to Andrei Antonov — Muscovite, printing head and the fans of Apple. He started his collection in 1997, when he worked for DPI, and the company held share: anyone could pass the old utroystvo Apple and get a discount when buying a new computer. Andrew wished throw curiosities, and he decided to collect old devices Apple. Recently, the opportunity to create a museum and a collection of all the show. This happened thanks to Evgeni Butman, founder of the chain stores re: Store in Russia, which provided space for the museum.
The museum address Apple:
Pestovskij Lane, Building 16, Building 1, second floor (metro station "Taganskaja", "Marxist").
Hours: Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 18 hours.
Sign besplatnyy.Istochnik: http://moscowwalks.ru/2012/02/27/muzei-apple/


21. February 15. The village of Epiphany. Museum. 


Opening and consecration of the church-museum took place in the village of Epiphany Dalnekonstantinovskogo district of Nizhny Novgorod region on February 15. This was reported on the website of the diocese.

Sanctification of the Assistant Dean made Dalnekonstantinovskogo County priest Vladimir Sergeev. 

The initiative to create a museum dedicated to the history of the village and containing the Church of the Epiphany, owned by a local resident Rima Tobolkin, collected over a period of two years materials for the exhibition. The building for the new museum has allocated Nizhny Novgorod diocese.



22. February 9. Kaliningrad. Museum Zoe Kupriyanova. 


 In Kaliningrad, opened a new museum — dedicated to the writer, poet, composer Zoe Kupriyanova. 

In the apartment museum contains exhibits on the life of Zoe Kupriyanova, and her work as a composer, poet, writer, traveler. Presented the published books of poetry, short stories and songs, released a CD with recordings of her songs, a large number of audio, video and photographs, illustrated chronicles of concert tours ensemble "Song-companion" Zoe Kupriyanova.

The museum is located on the street. Sergeeva, 23 in the apartment number 11. On weekdays, there are guided tours by arrangement, Sunday — closed.

Zoe Kupriyanov was born September 2, 1940 in the village of Kujbyshevo Krasnoschekinskogo district of the Altai Territory. She graduated from the Altai Polytechnic Institute. II Polzunova and the School of Music in choral conducting Rubtsovsk. Since 1966, she lived in Kaliningrad. Began writing poetry as a child. The first publications appeared in the 60-ies. In 1983, Zoe Kupriyanov creates his vocal-instrumental ensemble "Song-companion" who performs in Kaliningrad, Ukraine and Belarus.

Zoya Kupriyanova published more than 20 books — collections of poems, stories, songs. Released about 20 albums audio cassettes and CDs. Since 2003, Zoe Kupriyanov was creative director of the Union of Free Writers. Died May 12, 2010.


Polessky area. Museum "Old German school Valdvinkel." 


July 4, 2012, the project for the development of rural tourism in the area Polesskoe "Water, nature and people in the fading landscape. Sustainable development of rural tourism in Russia and Belarus," performed EcoCenter "Reserves" in cooperation with the Administration Polesko district of the Kaliningrad region, has opened a new private mini-museum "Old German school Valdvinkel."


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