Overview of new museums for April-May Part 1.

Spring has brought us a nice museum "harvest", so had to make a review in 2 parts: the April and May. In April, the Russian Museum opened on 21.
1. April 1
In Volgograd, entertaining science museum opened Einstein — is one of unique exhibits that demonstrate the laws of physics, chemistry, geometry, optical illusions and natural phenomena in the area of 500 square meters. Everyone can see not only in action, but most do wonders.

2. April 1
In Upper Sinyachikha opened a museum-theater of the Romanov dynasty During the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty in the Sverdlovsk region opened a unique cultural facility dedicated to the imperial dynasty. At the exposition of the king’s pictures come alive.


3. April 2
Clown Museum opened in April Fool’s Day at the Lenin State Farm from 1 April in the village has earned an unusual museum. Several hundred dolls and figurines in the form of clowns now decorate a small room of state farm club.

The owner of the collection, Honored Artist of Russia Vasily Konoplyannikov — himself a former circus clown collecting exhibits for over 30 years. According to him, all the figures he has about two thousand,

but, unfortunately, place all on a dedicated site does not work. Therefore, in the nearest future — expansion of the museum.


4. April 8

Cinema Museum opened in Kemerovo. The new museum is rarity equipment with which cinema professionals working with film. Among the exhibits is a surprising figure of Keira Knightley in full growth.

 http://sibdepo.ru/news/88…otkrylsya-v-kemerove.html5. April 9.

In Yekaterinburg, the museum was opened Ernst Unknown. Art Museum Ernst Unknown thoroughly imbued with the spirit of the sculptor — his work, photographs throughout. The walls and installations can be seen on the work of the creator quotes about life. The visitors are original jewelry, paintings and drawings, small sculptures, electronic archives, personal belongings of the artist. To create exposure used modern multimedia technology.


6. April 9

In Kaliningrad, on the memorable day for the region — 68th anniversary of the storming of Koenigsberg — opened the first school in the Russian museum dedicated to the history of the Corps of Engineers.


7. April 11
It is the only museum of the history of Russian potash industry. But the thing about it in absolute interactivity, this really was not.

This event Berezniki waited since 2008. It was then decided to move the museum to a new building and open a new exhibit. It has found its place the whole story Ural Potassium since its inception. Verkhnekamskoye — the second in the world in terms of potash-salt magnivevyh. There are salt mining settlement Hunt began centuries ago. A special stand dedicated to the distant past. And so every era is reflected in the museum. Special attention is, by the way, is paid to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.


8. April 13

Within the walls of dramatic theater Kineshma Museum opens Ostrovsky. The red ribbon was cut by the mayor Irina Vinogradova and theater director Natalia Surkov. All participants unanimously noted the importance of this event for the city. The museum holds over 300 pieces. Among them, 114-year-old portrait of the playwright, even an old piano, unfortunately, is no longer working.


9. April 17
In the Samara Regional Clinical Oncology Center held a grand opening of the museum one of the most renowned medical institutions of the Samara region.


10. April 18
At the railway station Chelny museum opened on the train today on the second road railway station Naberezhnye Chelny got an unusual composition. It can go for an hour to attend. Nine cars located traveling exhibition and lecture complex.

According to head of the train Viktor Starostin, the world’s only mobile Railroad Museum year-round. It is created by JSC "Russian Railways" in 2010 to showcase the achievements of local innovation and technology that are implemented on the railways of the country. In the preparation of exhibitions attended by more than 160 enterprises. The exhibits in the train along with the Railways are owned corporation Rosatom, RUSNANO, the foreign companies. Exposure continually updated.


11. April 19
On Friday 19.04.2013 in St. Petersburg on the initiative of "planer" has opened a museum "carpentry tools." In the composition of the museum are more than 1000 items of tools and reference material. The collection includes foreign and domestic instruments of different eras.


12. April 22
In Chelyabinsk, the museum was opened in memory of the victims of the Beslan tragedy.


13. April 23

The building in the center of Tula, which started pharmacy museum, is an architectural monument of the XVIII century. Here historically housed a pharmacy, after restoration it reopened its doors to visitors.

"The interior has retained a traditional layout, architectural details. The furniture is also the style of the old days, "- said in a statement. Numerous photos and documents tell the history of pharmacy in Tula and the last owners of "Old Tula pharmacy" Bielawski Ferdinand and his successors Olga and Frederick.


14. April 24

Yesterday, in the village of Tatar Yunki Republic of Mordovia opened Museum of the Tatar literature classic Abdurahman Absalyamova. The museum opened in a local school. The ceremony was attended by Minister for National Policy Mordovia Alexander Luzgin, representatives of administrations and Torbeevskiy Kovylkinsky areas of RM, employees of institutions of culture, education, representatives of almost all of the Tatar villages located in the region.


15. April 24
In the 325-th school Frunze district museum was opened, called "To be remembered!". Th
ere are exhibits of the search party found "Obelisk-92/2." It is worth noting that this is the 14 in a row in the Frunze district museum dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.

 http://gazetafrunz.ru/201…sya-novyj-shkolnyj-muzej/16. April 26

In the region of Buryatia Mukhorshibirsky opened Museum of the police


17. April 26.

In Tula opened a "Chernobyl" museum.

April 26, 2013 — the anniversary of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Since the tragedy took place 27 years. Among those who participated in the aftermath of the explosion — more than 1,000 residents of Tula region. Their fate, the consequences of the disaster for our region will now tell opened in Tula Museum.

18. April 27

In high school named after Platonov (Voronezh) has opened a museum suffrage. In Voronezh Gymnasium. Platonov’s students have long been studying the basis of the electoral law. Now there is also a museum of the electoral law. It contains exhibits describing the history of the franchise Russia since the time of the Novgorod Veche to the present day.


19. April 30

In Kaliningrad, after repairs Museum opens "The Bunker"

Museum "The Bunker" — a branch of the Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Art. It is located in a bunker in which by March 1945 the headquarters of the German High Command, led the defense of Konigsberg. It was here April 9, 1945 commandant, General Otto Lasch in the presence of Soviet envoys agreed to surrender.



April 30

At the end of April in the city of Perm, opened its first interactive museum of interesting science "scientific amusement park." — Said the regional Ministry of Industry. On an area of 500 sq hosting more than 60 exhibits that showcase the principles of the various laws of physics, chemistry and explain the nature of the origin of the most amazing and beautiful phenomena of the world. Most of the exhibits created Perm craftsmen and are made of wood, metal, glass and mirrors.


21. April 30

Museum "Angara Sports Glory" was opened in Irkutsk. The museum features nearly 200 sports photos, more than 250 exhibits. This medal famous athletes of the Irkutsk region, cups, sports uniforms and more. Among the exhibits are award champion, Olympic bronze medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling Constantine Vyrupaeva.


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