Overview of new museums in Q1 2013. Part 1.

For 1 kvratal 2013. Russia opened in 19 museums of various subjects.

1. March 2. In Chelyabinsk, has opened a museum of history of hockey.

In the Historical Hockey Hall of collected artifacts: stick with autographs of famous hockey players, hockey skates, from "Snow Maiden" and to contemporary models, hockey shape, programs, posters, souvenirs. A special stand dedicated to the veterans of the "Tractor". Another exhibit — an installation hockey game mid-50s: a wooden box, the pieces of real players "Tractor" middle of the last century, overcrowded stands, in general, everything that was characteristic of the Chelyabinsk hockey 60 years ago.

2. March 4. In the village of Red Hill has opened a museum of composer Boris Mokrousova.
Museum room composer Boris Mokrousova opened in Krasnaya Gorka Volodarskogo district. As a former school building on a small home of composer district museum staff and local residents gathered and designed exhibition on the main landmarks of the life and work of Boris Andreyevich.

Mokrousov — composer of the opera "Chapaev", the music for the film called "Spring on the street beyond the river," "The Elusive Avengers" and others.

3. March 5. In Atkarsk opened Art and Ethnographic Museum.

Aleksandr Bubnov — a representative of Socialist Realism in painting, working in the historical genre. His works are in the Museum of Saratov. Radishcheva, art museums and art galleries in Russia and abroad. March 4 marks 105 years since his birth.

The idea of the museum belongs to the local historian Peter Truschelevu. Form a collection to help relatives, friends, colleagues Bubnov. The museum — 2 departments: Art and Ethnography, the fund holds more than 2 thousand exhibits original works of the artist, the literature about it, the tools — a palette and brush.

4. March 12. In Viazma museum opened searchers.

March 12, the day of the release Viaz’ma from the Nazi invaders in the city started the museum "Unknown Soldier." Its placed on the base of the center of heroic and patriotic education of youth and social assistance "duty." All cars are exhibited in six small rooms.

Among the exhibits — more than five thousand items found during the search expeditions. There are also rare items during the Great Patriotic War: leaflets, military and labor awards icons, crosses and amulets, rare species of small arms and personal effects of soldiers.http://www.smolgazeta.ru/…ya-muzej-poiskovikov.html 

5. March 20. Museum of the famous storyteller Ulagasheva opened in the Altai Mountains.

"The village Paspaul Choya District Inauguration of Museum named after Nicholas Ulagasheva, a branch of the National Museum of the Republic of Altai.

The cost of construction — 12 million rubles, the museum was built under the program to support indigenous peoples. As has been said Culture Minister Vladimir region’s over, in the building of the museum will be workshops, large events. Narrators Republic have agreed to ensure that the first narrative epics were in full here.


6. March 20. In the Vologda region opened the Museum of the cock.
In the town Pens Ustyuzhensk Vologda Region opened the Museum of the rooster. Exhibits a little while, but each of them has a certain value.

The museum just opened its doors, but immediately began to fill with gifts villagers — old child and decorations, drawings, lace, embroidered with the image of a rooster.


7. March 21. In Moscow, opened the Museum of hockey glory.
In the south of the capital on Thursday opened the Museum of hockey glory. The exhibition is dedicated to the legendary triple attack the USSR national team — Boris Mikhailov, Vladimir Petrov and Valery Kharlamov. In the museum’s collection includes unique personal belongings players, their awards and prizes.


8. March 22. In Kostroma, museum opened dolls.


9. March 22. At Borodino near Moscow has opened a museum of the forest.

It was timed to the Day of the forest on the eve of the opening of the museum in the village of the same name Uvarovka Mozhaiskogo district.


March 10.29. Museum of History opened in Vladikavkaz, the capital of North Ossetia.

In the capital of North Ossetia renovated museum opened stories Vladikavkaz. In his fund — about thirty thousand exhibits.

In honor of the opening of an exhibition about the history of earned Vladikavkaz since ancient times. Unique costumes, ethnographic curiosities, various models of firearms and bladed weapons — all can now see the people of the republic.

11.In the Adygea is a museum in honor of Jacob Koblev.

In the Republic of Adygea has opened a museum dedicated to the honored coach in Judo, former rector of the Institute of Physical Education and judo ASU Yakubu Koblev. The grand opening was held on March 2 at the Institute of Physical Culture and judo ASU.
Jakub Koblev named the best coach of the Russian judo in the twentieth cent
ury. He was considered one of the best experts in the world of judo. Jakub Koblev — the founder of the world famous Maikop judo school that produced many famous athletes.

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