Overview of new museums. June 2013

In June, Russia has opened 20 new museums.
June 1. In Vladivostok, the museum was opened telephone.

 At present, the exhibition features about 400 exhibits — telephone and telegraph apparatus,  radios, television sets, switches, and other devices, as well as more than 1.5 thousand of documents and photographs depicting the development of the telecommunications sector in the Primorye Territory.The most interesting and valuable is on permanent display in the museum and exhibition centerfor example, the song "The workplace telephone operator in 1907" to the telephone switch brands.

Ericsson end of the XIX century. A special stand dedicated to the development of inner-city telephone network
Vladivostok — you can get acquainted with telephones that worked on the streets and in the room, including the first pay phone "Copper snout" and the telephone apparatus, which used the famous explorer of the Far East, geographer and writer Vladimir Arsenyev.

June 3. In Krasnokamsk opened Museum of Toys.

The idea of such a museum in Krasnokamsk hatched a few years. The building was found for him in
the historic center of the city — Technical township. In the "doll house" turned the one-story wooden structure of the last century. Repair of the premises was carried out and the old schemes  photos. Stylized even museum display. Exhibition equipment has been designed in such a way to preserve the atmosphere of a living room, childhood. This showcase, cabinet,  this bed, table, chairs.

The exhibits in this museum you can touch your hands and you can even try to make their
own wooden toy. For the birth of a small miracle, as the experience
craftsman’s single, need only wood, paint and imagination.

June 5. In Penza opened a virtual branch of the Russian Museum.

Penza-based art school named after Vladimir Tatlin on Thursday opened a virtual branch
Russian Museum. The largest collection of Russian art became available penzentsev.

In art school opened a special informational and educational class. He
equipped with multimedia equipment, which allows you to look not only at the palaces
and the halls of the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, but also in his store, and even restoration
workshops. The information is constantly updated.

June 5.In Voronezh, the museum was opened retrokompyuterov.

In Voronezh, opened the museum, which collects retrokompyutery. Exhibits from 25 to
30 years — for the PC is its age. The exhibition gathered the progenitors of today’s PCs, laptops, tablets and gaming consoles.  Here, Japanese, American, English, and even the Soviet computers that are used  Our compatriots back in the nineties.

This "Elektronika MK-90" — a computer, which is more than twenty-five years, and the Russian
PK "Pentagon", created in 1991, handicraft. The exhibition is unfortunately not yet complete,
the organizers did not have windows, to show all the available technology. However, that which is
there, you can even try out a game of old games.


June 6 In Moscow, opened the house-museum of Basil L. Pushkin.

June 6 at Old Basman, 36, opened the house-museum of the poet Basil L. Pushkin, uncles
Alexander Pushkin. The museum will take visitors from June 7.

In the museum restoration works were carried to the amount of 73.3 million rubles, begun
in February 2012.

As the press service of the Department of Culture of Moscow, in the process of refurbishing the house was
returned to the old layout of rooms, from surviving fragments recovered Corner
stove in the living room, renovated hardwood floors, made the front door of the suite of the first  floor and mezzanine.
Among the gifts — unique album autographed by Elizabeth Demidova three previously unknown poems Vasily Pushkin, a 90-volume collection of the works of Voltaire, the views of Paris, engraved portraits of Boileau and Talma, genre lists, furniture and decoration.

The exhibition features two interactive panels with information about the history of the house on the Old  Basman and its restoration, the biography of Vasily Pushkin and the most valuable artifacts. Also  in the hall to show the films placed ultramodern television screen, which is still is unique in the Moscow museums.

June 6. In Kostroma, museum opened Peter’s toys.

You can not only see the work  Kostroma famous masters, but also with his own hands to create a work of folk art.

Guys with accordions, women with children, clowns with balalaika, and even dogs, horses, pigs.
On the shelves of the museum — a peasant village in the 19th century miniature. Peter’s because the native
from the village of Peter that Susaninskaya area. There, out of 33 yards in only three did not
pottery. Toys fashioned from the remains of clay. To good not to disappear, and the kids on the fun.


June 6In Tyumen Medical Academy has opened a museum.

Museum of Tyumen Medical Academy inaugurated today in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the university.Design of the museum was engaged in Tyumen artist Boris Trofimov and his team. They worked onproject for about two years.


In the main hall of the museum visitors at the door meets the banner of the Academy. His place in the window it
will periodically leave to participate in university activities. However, the whole exhibition
is built so that it can be easily changed, and Vice President for Academic Affairs TyumGMA Ludmila Suplotova assured that the exhibition is sure to be updated.
Now visitors can get acquainted with the milestones of the Medical Academy, learn about outstanding
doctors of the city, to see the medical literature published in Tyumen in Soviet times.
For the current generation of students will be interested to look at the medical tools long obsolete — old syringes, blood pressure cuff, surgical instruments.


June 8. Police opened a museum of Nizhny Novgorod.

In the Main Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Nizhny Novgorod Region Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Russian Sergei Gerasimov opened the Museum of the History of the Nizhny Novgorod police.
After the reconstruction of the museum has received additional technical opportunities to demonstrate
Audio — photos and video. At present, the museum seven halls. In the first room —
origin and background of pre-revolutionary Russia Nizhny Novgorod police and militia
the first years of Soviet power before World War II. Heroic and patriotic part
the exhibition tells the story of the exploits of Nizhny Novgorod guards during World War II and today in "hot spots."
The museum tells about the hard work and dedication of staff in all divisions
MOI Russia in Nizhny Novgorod region: criminal investigation, investigation,
forensic services, licensing system,
patrol, inspection of the juvenile, district
Commissioners and achievements "of athletes in uniform."

June 9Retro Museum "Ladies ‘happiness’ has opened in Moscow.

It was preceded by exhibitions in the capital and many museums of Russia: "Corner of my great-grandmother,"
"Women Stuff," "The language of the fan", "From which only made the boys? From which only made
girls? "now a permanent display of works at the Exhibition Centre in Hall number 2.
Here you can take a fascinating and exciting journey into the past, to meet
Beautiful stranger late XIX — early XX centuries. Guides in this journey
will serve as the real things of that era, which in France called Belle Epoque, and in Russia
— Silver Age era or modern.


June 9.InNovgorod the Great opened the museum traditsinnoy culture.

In Novgorod Institute of Humanities of the University opened the Museum of Traditional Culture
Novgorod region.It’s designed for teaching and research laboratory "of Ethnology and Cultural History" on the basis of exhibits,collected by students and members of the laboratory for 12 years of field expeditions.

Hererepresented about 40 exhibits, plus audio and photo files. Clay pots, millstones,hand assistant, men’s belt, wedding tablecloth — this is only a small part of what can be seen in a museum.


June 10. In the Perm regional court has opened a museum of history of justice.

It contains exhibits, documents and photographs from the 1920s of the last century.

On the old black-and-white photographs depicted the judges since the building of socialism in the USSR. Women in shawls and scarves, men are certainly in high — up to the knee, polished boots.

The museum has restored the tribunal workplace — three chairs with high backs on the table —
carafe with ink-neprolivashkoy.

On a separate stand — photos chairmen of the Perm regional court yet. Here those
guided him in the war and postwar years — Barbara Khlopina Dmitry Krokhalev, veterans
Vladimir Trapeznikov order bearers, Yuri Patrakov, Paul Zagvozkin.


June 10. The village SMAGIN (Nizhny Novgorod region). Museum opened hero Nikolai Sutyagin.

Back in the sixties, in the now-defunct school was set up a small exhibition
dedicated ace jet aircraft. The joint efforts of regional and rural administrations,
villagers, relatives of Nikolai and other participants of this initiative
has been created, it seems to me, a beautiful new museum space.

Exposition was added new gifts: on the jacket will be a duplicate of General Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union, and on display — a badge of "Pilot First Class" and a certificate of general. Notably, that there are personal things pilot and lots of pictures.

June 16. In the Altai, the museum was opened deer.

The museum has three rooms. Exhibits tell the story of what began with the relationship between man and
Maral: first they were hunted, mined their skins and horns, and then the animals were
characters of fairy tales and poems. Images of deer appeared on the carpets, paintings, clothing and
even hats. Visitors will be familiar with the healing properties of reindeer meat and

June 16. House-Museum of Tsvetaeva Bolshevo (MO) was opened after restoration.

In suburban queen (Bolshevo) opened the memorial house-museum of Marina Tsvetaeva
is being repaired for about a year.

The restoration of the house-museum was started in August 2012. From the municipal and regional
budgets for these activities has been allocated 31 million rubles.

Was also re-equip the Square, where the poet was walking. "Most recently, all established themselves
— Dry uprooted trees, laid out paths, benches set "-
said local resident, noting that until recently there was an abandoned area.



June 17In St. Petersburg, opened the museum in which you can play on the machines and the Soviet
drink a soda from my childhood.



June 23. On the Petrograd side in St. Petersburg opened a new museum — "The Art of the fan".
He was the first in Russia and the world’s third largest museum dedicated fans.

The interiors of the museum, made in the Empire style, the palace to recreate the lost samples
decoration of the Imperial St. Petersburg and its suburbs. The collection has
250 fans — today it is one of the nation’s largest collections of these accessories.
The oldest exhibits of the collection date to the end of the XVII century, according to the Committee on Culture
St. Petersburg. On display are exclusive copies made
first-class fan-firms, as well as fan-owned well-known historical


June 26.
 In Cheboksary opened Museum of Academician AN Krylov.

In Cheboksary — the capital of Chuvashia, Cheboksary in the Polytechnic Institute opened
museum of the famous scientist and builder, a native Chuvash land Alexis
Krylov. The first visitors to the museum were members of the International Scientific
Conference "Hydrodynamics of high speeds and shipbuilding — GBS-2013, dedicated to
150th birthday of A.Krylova. "



June 27. The museum was opened in Kazan K.Vasileva



June 29. Museum of the History Student Games officially opened in Kazan.
Museum Universiade officially began operation in Kazan. Its opening took place in the village

Student Museum is housed in the International Information Center. Now it
Participants can attend the Games in Kazan, living in the Universiade village, and in the fall it will be
available to everyone.


June 30. In Saratov, opened a museum of football.
In Saratov, the stadium "Locomotive" the opening of the Regional Museum of football.
The first two of the stand dedicated to the output of the "Falcon" in the semi-finals of the Cup of the USSR in 1967 and the highest
Division championship of Russia (2000), settled in a methodical class northern grandstand
stadium "Locomotive" (ibid. held a press conference after the match, "Falcon"). Among
exhibits — unique photos and printed materials, T-shirt Team "Falcon" -67, medal
for winning the first division-2000.


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