Overview of the new museum for the November-December 2012

1.02.11. The new museum complex "public places" was opened in the city of Ivanovo region Ples.

The historic building of the City Council the exposition about the history of the region from ancient times to the beginning of the XVII century, and especially — to participate in the reconstruction of Ivanovo Russian statehood during the Troubles.

The museum complex is located on Cathedral Hill. Built by Catherine in the classical building of the city council restored. The exhibition starts with the earliest times.

— Archaeological collections are supplemented by anthropological and volume scale renovations. The museum is open virtual fitting room with Old female costume and decorations — told in the management culture of the Ivanovo region.

On the second floor of a large exhibition hall opened the exhibition "Together we will win," dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the end of the Troubles. Created by the efforts of museums Ivanovo and Kostroma regions exposition tells about the role of the Ivanovo region in the aftermath of the Time of Troubles.

The building official place is located on the site of a former fortress. In built in 1786, a large two-story house at different times housed the town council and primary school. In the cellars of the city archives stored.


2.2.11. In the village Vakhonin, Konakovsky district opened a museum of military glory.

Exposed on review of museum exhibits, more than a year going to the guys from the search party of the Centre "Star" in the field of fierce fighting soldiers of the Red Army from the Nazi invaders. In a dedicated museum exhibition hall under Vahoninskogo DK is an exhibition shelves, next to which designers have placed historical exhibits. Everyone here recreates the atmosphere of those harsh war years: personal belongings fighters soldiers’ uniforms, weapons, fragments of the major newspapers of distant times with portraits of prominent military leaders and most of Generalissimo Stalin. Especially touching look miraculously preserved shabby time of "triangles" — letters of soldiers from the front, it may be the last.


3.2.11. In the theater, "At the Bridge" opened a museum of horrors
The exhibition is located in one of the rooms for rehearsals. In order to view it, you need to get behind the scenes, having passed through the stage. By the way, admission is free. 
Each object has its own exhibition, the extraordinary story that knows any "umostovets." Here, for example, you can see the chess board with devil pentagram, symbolizing the unfinished game cat Behemoth and Voland, a glass in the form of a gold-plated skull or phone administrator Variety able to smuggle in Yalta. 

Also there was a place for a glass coffin stuffed with Count Dracula himself, and for the chair in which, by the way, you can sit down and take a picture. 
Of course, do not forget about the scenery of the most "horrible" theater productions — "Pannochki." 
The museum presents friends of the theater, designed for different performances. For example, a bell that artists produce spirits. Before he got to the museum, it was raised from the sunken ship. A skull lying on a pedestal in a mysterious mirror, real, man! His doctors gave for "Hamlet."

4.06.12. "Living History Museum" opened in Khabarovsk on the basis of the center of patriotic education "Rise."

A "living" museum named because it has no glass windows, and all the items on display for visitors to take them in hand and feel like time travelers. The exhibition includes more than a hundred exhibits made by skilled craftsmen club historical reconstruction "Rus". They have recreated a variety of materials, close to the originals, household utensils and everyday life, as well as clothing, shoes, suits of armor 11-14 centuries.


8.5.11. In Moscow, opened the Jewish Museum and Center of Tolerance.
In Moscow there was a museum, the likes of which the country has never been that, given the long and complicated history of Russian Jews who looked at least strange. Discovering the Jewish Museum and Center of Tolerance — the so-called formal place — came the acting head of Israel Shimon Peres.

The new museum will be, maybe, one of the most technologically advanced in Russia — the usual windows with pictures and documents of inferior place in it interactive exhibits telling about how and why the changed Jewish life.

6.10.11. In Volgograd, the museum was opened the police.

On the eve of the Day of the employee of the Interior of the Russian Federation, the grand opening of the Museum of the MOI of Russia in Volgograd region. He opened the door after the reconstruction, the third of its 40-year history.

It all began in 1971 with the opening of a small exhibition of criminology attributes to aid in the training of forensic experts. Over time, exposure has turned into the Museum of Criminal Investigation, and then replenished with items purchased from collectors or antique stores — in the museum ATC Volgograd region.

Now here are the items that symbolize the internal affairs since 1589, when the service for the protection of public order carried archers and present — the making of the modern Russian police.


7.10.11. In Perm appeared Science and Technology Museum.

The museum was established on the basis of the Perm Scientific-Industrial Instrument Company (PNPPK) with the support of the city administration. 
The opening of the first hall of the museum in a building on the street. Oct. 25, 64 occurred within the forum "Not a day without science." 
Therefore, the participants, as well as PNPPK leaders, government representatives and the administration of the Perm Krai Perm were the first visitors.

The hall has exhibits PNPPK by which one can trace the development of science and technology in Perm, an exhibition of scientific books Library. AM Gorky devoted to industry and science. 
The purpose of the museum — to draw attention to the residents of Kama scientific and research activities in the region. 


8.14.11. In St. Petersburg Museum of Sex opened round the clock.

In St. Petersburg, began work erotic hypermarket, which opened in the Museum free sex with a gallery of erotic art. In addition, there will soon earn a lecture hall, which will be held free weekly lectures and seminars.

As reported by The Village, a collection of the Museum of sex includes more than a thousand artifacts from the personal collection of one of the founders of the urban networks of sex shops. Became part of the museum gallery of erotic works of Russian artists that can be purchased. Sex museum, located in the shopping center "Eureka" in the street Sedov, working around the clock. Also in the near future to open a free account sexologist.


9.14.11.A museum of history department of the Interior Ministry on Arzgirskogo region.

In the department of the Interior Ministry of Russia Arzgirskogo region was inaugurated Museum of the History Department.

Under it was allocated to the former warehouse, in which a major overhaul. As exhibits are donated to the museum MIA veterans and their families personal belongings police officers, archival documents and photographs. Acquisitions of the museum with new exhibits held almost daily.


10.03.12. In the Kazan school has opened a museum of Friendship of Peoples Republic of Tatarstan. 
In high school number 13, Kazan, opened a museum of Friendship of Peoples Republic of Tatarstan.

The exhibition, prepared by the students together with their teachers, have received intense, even though they occupy a small room. In the windows — photos, magazines. On the walls — huge stands, cardboard figures of people in traditional costumes, photographs of places that illustrate the historical homeland of different nations, flags of the republics of Russia and other countries, the texts that tell about the ethnic groups (of 35 nationalities represented), a few household items.

Director of the House of Peoples’ Friendship Tatarstan Irek Sharipov offered to work closely and undertake joint activities. Head of the Department of Education and the New Savinovsky Aviastroitelny areas Kazan Tamara Fedorova emphasized the role of museum education in the education of children and wished the museum is not just exposure to remain within the walls of a school, and develop to it conducted classes, excursions to neighborhood residents.


11.04.12. The Memorial Museum of Nikolai Vavilov was opened in Moscow.

The Memorial Museum of the outstanding Russian scientist and academician geneticist Nikolai Vavilov was opened on Tuesday at the Russian State Agrarian University — Moscow Agricultural Academy named Timirjazeva where Vavilov worked in his youth.

The event was dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of Vavilov. Opened a museum leaders RGAU MSHA-headed by the rector Vladimir Bautina.

The museum is a study of the Vavilov. It presents the personal belongings of the scientist belonging to different periods of his life and scientific work until his arrest in 1939.


12.04.12. In Ufa, opened a museum of antiques "Sources".

At the orphanage, number 9, the day before, on December 3, has opened a museum of antiques "Roots." The exhibition features items from different ages. Here you can see the village life, things and household utensils, which was used by ancient craftsmen, Soviet-era artifacts (cameras, money, household appliances). Also, visitors to the museum will be able to feel like a sitting of the 18th century and enjoy the atmosphere of the old Ufa.


13.04.12. In Belgorod entertaining science museum opened

In the center of Belgorod entertaining science museum opened "Experimentanium," his exhibition includes 70 interactive devices that showcase the laws of mechanics, electricity, magnetism, acoustics.
In addition to the exhibition hall in the museum auditorium is: there will be presentations and activities for children. There is also equipped laboratory for classes and workshops, a spherical theater and opened a store of interesting products.

The museum plans to conduct special tours for school children. As the Belgorod gubernatorEvgeny Savchenko, who visited the "Experimentanium," the museum should definitely come to younger students.


14.06.12. In the Altai region has opened a museum of Mikhail Evdokimov

The museum is located in the Center of Culture and Sports of Mikhail Gorbachev at home, in the village of Upper Ob region of Smolensk. Today, December 6, the actor would have turned 55 years old.


Less than a year was spent on the reconstruction of rural houses of culture, which once housed a small exhibition on the life and work of the famous countryman. Now the Foundation museum has over 200 exhibits, many of which are unique. Most of the museum provided a widow Galina Mikhail Evdokimov. Today she is the guest of honor was present at the opening. Explore the museum and discover new center of culture and sports came and Altai Territory Governor Alexander Karlin.


06.12. In the Chekhov district opened a museum of military glory.

December 6, in honor of the 71 th anniversary of the Soviet counter-offensive at the Battle of Moscow and the heroes of the Fatherland Day in Chekhov’s vocational school № 32 the grand opening of the Museum of Military Glory.


One of the organizers of the museum, which was created over the past two years, was the director of the school, Konstantin Akimov. Major role in promoting the idea of the museum has played a veteran of World War II, a retired colonel Viktor Putintsev.

At the opening of the museum came numerous guests: representatives of the district administration, the veterans of the Great Patriotic War.



14.12. In Krasnoyarsk, the museum was opened after renovation Estate Surikov.

An old Siberian Cossack manor located in the center of Krasnoyarsk, where, in 1848, was born and grew up next great artist Vasily Surikov, once again ready to meet Krasnoyarsk. It closed for repairs on November 8, and then, finally, all the work is completed.


18.12. In Pereslavl opened a museum of Alexander Nevsky.

The new museum is located opposite Goritsky Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve. According to the coordinator of the museum Oleg Zaitsev, this museum is unique because it is dedicated to the Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky, whose name became the name of Russia. 


According to the organizers, the exhibition of the new museum will be of interest to everyone. Here you can see the layout of Pereslavl XII century, meet with how the Warriors looked at the time of the Grand Duke. Will be of interest armor and weapons Knight of the Teutonic Order, the Mongol warrior and the Russian warrior, recreated by collectors. A significant part of the exposition of the new museum took the icon with the image of Nevsky and medals bearing his name. The basis of the museum’s centerpiece is the items from private collections.


Museum of the clergy and merchants opened in Nizhny Novgorod. 

"The Museum of Russian intelligentsia, clergy and merchant class" named Eugene Chirikov opened in Sormovskaya Orthodox School on December 18. The great-grandson of the writer Mikhail Chirikov said that the idea of the exhibition was born two years ago in a meeting with high-school students and teachers, and was supported by the descendants of Eugene Chirikov. According to the curator of the museum Nina Bilous, research will help children to learn more about native land and outstanding compatriots, to join in reading literature and creative pursuits.

The opening ceremony was attended by Head of Department of Educational Administration Sormovskogo District Elena Polyashova, clergy Sormovskogo Deanery Diocese of Nizhny Novgorod, the relatives of the writer, representatives of public organizations and institutions that have assisted in the creation of the exhibition.

Addressing the audience with words of welcome by school director Svetlana Morozova said: "We all share the land on which we grew up, the history of our ancestors, our memory. Exploring the life and musical legacy of the writer Eugene Chirikov, children will certainly come in contact with the fate of the entire Russian late XIX and early XX century, learn about the best sons of the fatherland — the representatives of the clergy, intellectuals and merchants. "



19.12. In  Tenko village opened a museum dedicated to native villages, led Suntarsky ulus in 1997-2001, the pioneer of the diamond cutting industry in Yakutia George Yakovlev. At the opening ceremony was attended by the museum Head Suntarsky ulus Vladimir Tikhonov, Chairman of the Board of Deputies of ulus Boris Gerasimov, deputy head of the ulus of Social Affairs Zinaida Ivanova, the residents of the village, as well as relatives, friends and former colleagues of George Yakovlev.

The opening of the museum began with a ceremony performed by the head of algys naslega Athanasius Sidorov. Then, a ceremonial cutting of the red ribbon, which was attended by the head of the ulus and naslega and father Peter G.Yakovleva Yakovlev. At present the museum met its exhibits, many made with congratulations on the occasion of the opening of the museum and presented their gifts, additions to the museum.



20.12.Muzey the history of television and radio opened in Irkutsk.

The new museum has appeared in TV "Irkutsk". Such museums in Irkutsk region has not yet been. The opening of this — in honor of the 55th anniversary of the State TV and Radio Company "Irkutsk". 

Among the exhibits of the museum — old photographic equipment andand. Lead Engineer Yury Platonov said that the idea of the museum came spontaneously. Served as the impetus the case with the old technique, and that it was a pity to throw, and use has been impossible.




23.12. In Ufa, opened a museum of wonders.
Opened in Ufa in the most unusual museum — "Intellektus." On an area of 400 meters there are more than 60 exhibits that it’s tempting to call miraculous.

The museum’s director Ayrat Saifullin assures that there is no miracle, just all of them demonstrate the physical effects, such as the addition of flowers, a standing wave, Bernoulli’s law, so the sight is impressive.

— The museum was created especially for children to have fun and at ease comprehend the complex physical laws that they have awakened an interest in science, — he says.

The idea to create a museum owned Airat Saifullina and Andrew Korshenkovu. By profession they are builders, but a child addicted to physics were different experiences and know how exciting it is to do. They have long wanted to organize in Ufa is a place where kids could come of all ages to not only see and hear about the laws of physics, but also to take part in some kind of experiment, to plunge into illusion. In this case, the expression has to be understood in a literal sense.

The biggest delight rebyatni causes an optical illusion — the "head on the table." Ayrat says, they are lining up to learn from the inside what it is. No less passionate interest attracts Chinese toy princes — bowl "yin — yang." Rubbed his hands over it, and the water in the bowl begins to boil. This invention several thousand years.

There is a museum spherical theater with a six-meter dome, where students grades 5-11 show films about space and telescopes. Later film library will be expanded, particularly for toddlers acquire cartoons. Here are comprehended the principles of cinematography.

The new museum, you can also see the lightning of Nikola Tesla, look at the sound and to be inside the bubble, calculate the speed of sound and make the silhouette of the other, and to launch a rocket to lift one finger heavy dumbbell, make your flying machine, assemble the bridge without a single nail, check the manual dexterity , to measure
the force of his own cry and see the back side of the moon.


24.12. In Kungur opened the new Museum of the conquerors of the sky.
In contrast to the traditional exhibition halls, where many exhibits can be touched by hands and even try on. Now exhibition housed in the basement of the Art Museum. But in the future of the exhibit, which reflects the history of aeronautics Kungurian promise to provide accommodation on the upper floors of the building.

Museum of the conquerors of the sky — it’s just three small rooms. The first room resembles a space. Huge, full-screen wall, moves the audience into the starry sky. Backlash (short musical losing streak and picture) exhibits in display cases fit the theme — it’s real meteorites acquired from collectors. In this room, all excursionists are given oxygen cocktails. The design of the museum designed for 3 months specialists from Yekaterinburg.


24.12. In St. Petersburg, opened a new museum. 

On the Petrograd side, a new museum. Branch of the Museum of City Sculpture "Workshop MK Anikushina "(Vyazemskij lane., 8), opened its doors to the residents of the district and the city.

The unique building was built in 1969 by architect FA Gepner, in close cooperation with MK Anikushin, and is a model workshop for making models of monuments in full size. Opening of a new branch of the museum will be the presentation of not only permanent memorial exhibition of works by sculptor, but the possibilities of a "Master" as a space for the development of modern art process. 


25.12.V Samara opened the Museum of Art Nouveau.

In a restored mansion, Curlin was inaugurated on which the modern museum, an exhibition "World of Art" from St. Petersburg Museum of Theatre and Music.


After the opening ceremony of the new museum visitors moved to the second floor of the mansion Curlin to view the exhibition. On display are works by artists who were part of the artistic association "World of Art" established an outstanding Russian artist Alexander Benois and less well-known theater activist Sergei Diaghilev.


26.12. The museum opened fire in Ulyanovsk.

 On the eve of the New Year and rescue a real gift for the staff of the regional Emergencies Ministry, and all visitors to the city of Ulyanovsk was the opening of the museum, "Fire protection Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk." The restoration lasted more than a year. Updated and modern methods of saturated exposure museum opened its doors.

   Museum with a unique exhibition is located in a renovated building fire convoy, which was built in 1874 in the first part of the Simbirsk police department.

   Restoration of the historic layout of the premises opened corridor and stables, where there are unique exhibits — a life-size horse-barreled moves: manual pump, tobogganing paracone and ruler on the spring run.

   Indoor restored stables stall ‘model variants. " See such artifacts — evidence of technical culture of our ancestors related to the organization of fire protection XIX century Russian cities — only in Ulyanovsk!

   In addition, the pre-revolutionary section includes a large range of genuine materials and documents, dioramas and virtual characters. Perhaps the most interest among visitors has caused a virtual fire last century, reaching out with words of welcome to their descendants.

   The new museum exhibition reflected the Soviet period and the development of fire science. It includes a range of fire-technical equipment and a large section on the prevention of fires.



27.12. In Cherepovets museum opened urban veterans’ organization.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the mayor’s office, social services, veteran organizations and the public enterprises.


The exposition of the museum tells the story of a brief history of the town and its people — here and pre-revolutionary, Milutinsky Cherepovets, and the revolution, and NEP, and a military hospital city and industrial center, is stepping up industrial muscles. Naturally, the central place occupied by the documents in the opening day of the veterans who are the face of the city, calling card, his flesh and blood. They turned yellow and photo gallery look at the audience as if alive, only for them say nice things about which descendants should remember.


27.12. In the center of the training AMIA is a museum.

Head of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Belgorod region, Viktor Pesterev, head of CSE Yuri Bogdanov and Hero of Russia Vyacheslav Vorobyov was inaugurated yesterday museum professional training center, the press service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The ceremony was attended by a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Belgorod region, Archpriest of the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Victor Kravets.

In a solemn ceremony the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs presented to outstanding staff and excellent students medal Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and badges "For devotion to duty," declared the head of Gratitude.



Museum of the History of State Security opened in Novosibirsk.

The Novosibirsk management FSB has opened a museum with polukonspirativnym called "Cabinet of history." Through the efforts of security officers are the exhibits illustrating the history of the state security organs.

The main part of the exhibition refers to the 1920 40 th year. Of particular interest to history buffs cause documents that illustrate the trials of his time, inspired by Siberian counterintelligence. The elimination of Kolchak intelligence in the 1920s. Disclosure of the 1930 Japanese-German agents under the cover of the Japanese consulate. The famous "Harmonium" — radio games against German
intelligence in the 1940s. Some of the documents from the archives of the KGB a few years ago, denied the status of top secret.



28.12. In Zarechnoe in the building of the police opened the museum.

The grand opening of the Museum of inter-municipal department of the Interior Ministry in the closed Zarechnyj Penza region took place on Friday, December 28.

The significant event staff and veterans of the police congratulated the head of the city administration Vyacheslav smoothly.
 "Preparations for the opening of the museum was carried out in Zarechnoe a long time, and finally, together we managed to implement the project," — said the mayor.

In turn, the chief of department of inter-municipal police colonel Vildan Uzbeks said the museum’s collection, which reflects the history of the department and tells of the exploits of staff will be constantly updated.


29.12. At home Oyunskiy a branch of the Museum of History of the statehood of the Republic.

The idea of the establishment of branches of the Museum of the history of statehood of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the places where they were born and raised great sons of the Yakut people, who founded the education of the Yakut Autonomous Republic — the home of Plato Alexeyevich Oyunskiy Tatta in Ulus, as well as at home Isidore Nikiforovich Barahova in Verkhnevilyuisk ulus — belongs to Yegor Borisov.

For the first time the president announced it in front of the public during the Republic Day celebrations April 27, 2011 at the Museum of the statehood of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the home of Maksim Kirovich Ammosova in the village Hatyryk Namsky region.



30.12. In Stary Oskol museum opened OEMK 

Visitors to the museum will be able to see the documents on the establishment of the plant and process flow of production, portraits and personal belongings of all the directors and chief engineers of enterprises, their rewards, and learn about important events in the history of the company. Tour includes a visit to the museum office worker Alexei Ugarov.

— OEMK — the first plant in Russia that have deployed reduction metallurgy, which allows us to call it the most environmentally friendly steel production. The opening of the museum — is a tribute to our respect for those who stood at the origins of the OEMC.



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